Design Review Process

Making a change to your home or landscaping it is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

Step 1 Review the Covenants and Residential Improvement Guidelines

Step 2 Submit the Design Review Application 

Step 3 Once approved, make your desired change

There is no fee to submit the design review application unless you are completing a home addition such as adding on an extra room, garage or sunroom, or for a full front or full backyard landscape plans.  For those few instances a $50 review fee would apply.

AMI is here to help and it is better to ask then to receive a violation.  If you have any questions on the process feel free to contact our Covenant specialists at AMI using the contact information below:

Covenant Enforcement and Design Review Requests
Phone: 303-351-5411

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Helpful Covenant Documents

Palette Binders:

Palette Binder Virtual – Kwal

Palette Binder Virtual – Sherwin Williams

Water Wise and Irrigation:

Irrigation Permit

Water Wise Rebate

Water Wise Design

Water Wise Garden

Water Wise Examples

Plants and Landscape:

Recommended Plants

Plant Select Tool

Take a Class

Landscape Reference Manual