June Community Park Update

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A view of the climbing wall after it was poured. Note this picture was taken before it was backfilled.

Construction continues on our Community Park located off Wheatlands Parkway and South Jamestown Way. Below are the highlights since our last update and some of the next steps coming up in our schedule:

  • Goodland has backfilled the front face of the large playground wall.
  • They have begun backfilling the backside of the wall as far as possible before installing the French drain.
  • Ground crews will be coming out to x-ray the wall for rebar locations before the drain is installed through the wall.
  • The boulders are showing up on-site on Tuesday June 18th.
  • The upper playground curb walls will be formed and poured within two weeks.
  • Goodland will have all the footings for the ID Sculpture wall elements completed before ID Sculpture arrives on-site in mid July to install the hand holds and features of the wall.
  • Waterlines are being connected to the restroom.
  • Concrete that connects the new area to the old area is being installed and replaced.
  • The permit for the shelter has been issued by the City of Aurora.
  • The City came out and inspected the sewer connections and electrical conduit for the restroom.
  • Goodlands has submitted the permits for the curbed ramps and will begin that work once they are approved.

Thank you to the community for all your support of the Community Park project.

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