Trash Can Storage Reminder

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Do you know the covenants related to trash can storage? 

Below are the covenants that will help keep our neighborhood looking nice:

  •  Trash containers may be placed on the street for pickup after 5:00 p.m. on the evening prior to the day that such trash is to be picked up. Trash containers must be properly stored the evening of pickup.
  • Approval is required for any trash or garbage enclosure.
  • Refuse, garbage, trash, lumber, grass, shrub or tree clippings, plant waste, compost, metal, bulk materials, scrap, refuse or debris of any kind may not be kept, stored or allowed to accumulate on any lot except in sanitary containers or approved enclosures.
  • No garbage or trash cans or receptacles shall be maintained in an exposed or unsightly manner. All garbage or trash cans or receptacles shall be stored out of site (except that a container for such materials may be placed outside at such times as may be necessary to permit garbage or trash pickup.)

For a full list of covenants click here.

For the 2018 Waste Management Calendar click here.

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