2021 Pool Season Information

2021 Pool Season Information

We can’t wait for you to enjoy the pool this summer! With Tri-County Health in level Clear, we will not have a reservation system and plan on operating the pool without restrictions. We will keep you informed if anything changes with Tri-County during the summer but we are hopeful we can operate at full capacity all summer! We will have pool furniture back at the pool this year as well.  

Entering the Pool
You will need to bring your activated key-fob to open the gate and have access to the pool.  Visit our webpage here to register your key-fob or get details on a getting a new fob.  You do not need to sign any additional waivers as our COVID waiver was included in your registration this year. Your activated key-fob will be your ticket in!  We ask residents to continue to enter the pool on the west side by the playground so the lifeguards can easily get a quick count of capacity at the pool.  

Your Team
  •  Please join us in welcoming Taylor Lee who is our Aquatic Coordinator from the YMCA who will help us maintain and manage the pool this summer. Thank you Taylor! If you have any questions or comments regarding the lifeguard staff or the pool management please reach out to Taylor at [email protected]
  • The lifeguards are here for you! They want to ensure we have a safe and fun swim environment.  

Pool Hours

May 29th – August 8: 10AM – 8PM Every Day: The pool opens for the season Memorial Day weekend and is open every day from 10AM-8PM for residents to enjoy except for 3 Saturday mornings in which the Wheatlands Sharks swim team will be having their home meets. The meets are June 5th, June 12th and June 26th and run from 10-2pm.

Extended Pool Hours First 3 Saturdays in July – 8pm-Dusk: The board recognizes how important the pool is to all our residents. With this in mind, we will be offering extended family swim nights the first three Saturdays in July to offset some of the swim team time. We choose these nights in July since the weather will be warmer and daylight will be longer. The pool can stay open until dusk which is around 9:30ish, this is so the lifeguards can still see to the bottom of the pool. Save the dates and mark your calendars for July 3rd, 10th and 17th the pool will stay open until dusk.

August 9th to September 5th: The pool transitions to school hours as follows:
Monday – Friday Swim at Your Own Risk* from Noon until 4pm
Monday – Friday Lifeguards on Duty from 4-8pm
Saturdays & Sundays Lifeguards on Duty 10am-8pm
*During swim at your own risk, we will have a YMCA staff member at the gate to ensure our pool stays within Tri-County Health capacity limit but we will not have any lifeguards in the stands during this time. All children under the age of 18, need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to participate in the Swim at Your Own Risk hours.  

Safety Breaks
For the safety of our swimmers, we have regular safety breaks scheduled at the pool. The breaks occur 15 minutes before the hour beginning at 11:45. Adults are allowed to lap swim in the pool during these safety breaks. Children must remain out of the pool until the safety break is over.

Guest Policy
We are allowing guests back at the pool this year, with the same policy we have had previously which is 5 guests per household.

Weather Policy
 The feels like temperature outside must be 60 degrees or higher for our pool to open. If lightning or inclement weather is spotted the pool will close for safety and reopen when the weather has passed. The pool and pool deck will be cleared when either of the following is occurring:
  1. Cloud to ground lightning is observed and less than 30 seconds pass from seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder from the flash.
  2. In cloud lightning is occurring directly overhead.

Swim Test
In order for children to swim in the lap pool without an adult they are required to pass a swim safety test. The test consists of 2 parts:
  1. Tread water for one minute
  2. Swim the length of the pool
Once the child passes the swim test their name will be added to a list at the lifeguard stand and they will be given a wrist band to swim in the pool. They only need to pass the test once per summer; the next time you go to the pool just check in at the lifeguard stand to get your wristband.

Snack Shack
  • Located at the lifeguard hut, the snack shack will be available to purchase ice cream treats, snacks and drinks.
  • Snacks are $1 a piece and include a variety of sweet and salty treats. Please bring the exact dollar amount to put in the lock box as change can not be given.
  • We did look into accepting credit cards this year however with the high transaction fees and processing fees, we have decided not to pursue this option at this time.
  • Feel free to bring in your own food and drink as well and please dispose of your trash in the provided trash cans.

We hope you enjoy swimming this summer!