Back to School Pool Hours

Reminder – Beginning Monday August 8th, our outdoor pool moves to back to school hours. See the schedule below for when our lifeguards will be on duty:

August 8th to September 5th – Back to School Hours: Monday – Friday 12pm- 4pm *Swim at Your Own Risk* Lifeguards on Duty 4pm-8pm

Saturdays & Sundays Lifeguards on Duty 10am-8pm

*During swim at your own risk we will not have any lifeguards in the stands during this time. All children under the age of 18, need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to participate in the Swim at Your Own Risk hours.*

We recognize that Cherry Creek schools does not go back for an additional week, however we have several lifeguards who are heading off to college so the contract with the YMCA was set up this year to allow reduced lifeguard staff the final week before school starts. Thanks for your understanding!