Pool Season Extended

Wheatlands Residents

With the temperature remaining in the 80’s all through next week, the Wheatlands Board and YMCA are happy to announce that the pool will remain open for another week.

The pool will now close for the season on Sunday, September 27th at 7:00 pm.

With it getting dark earlier please see the operating hours below as they are a little different for the last week. These hours will go into affect on Monday, September 21st.


12-4pm – Swim at Own Risk
4:15pm-7pm Lifeguard on duty- Open Swim

Saturday and Sunday

Lifeguard on Duty
Open swim times


Updated Pool Information

Good Afternoon Wheatlands Residents!  

We wanted to acknowledge that we have received conflicting information from Tri-County Health regarding the Arapahoe County Variance that took place on June 29th. We anticipated being able to move our pool to 50% capacity based on that variance however Tri-County informed us that it did not apply to outdoor pools. 

Now today, July 9, they have clarified that the variance does apply to outdoor pools. This allows our pool to move to 50% capacity, which allows for 75 residents at the pool.  

We are excited more families are able to enjoy the pool this summer and have learned a few lessons in June regarding the reservation system. We have found it is very hard to manage the reservation system as we still have residents reserving slots under multiple emails, reserving slots for 10 plus people and also reserving spots and not showing up. 

We have done our best to manage it and make the pool fair for everyone to use this summer. We appreciate all the residents who did respect the rules and the system we had to put in place.  

Because of all the difficulties with the reservation system, we are leaving the reservation system as it stands with 10 slots and will honor all those that reserved a spot.  However going forward instead of adding more slots, we are going to allow for more walk ups – up until the 75 person limit is reached.

We are thrilled more residents will be able to enjoy the pool and we feel this will allow us to maximize the number of residents who get to use the pool. 

By opening it up to walk ups, we will make it like years past where if you want to go to the pool, you can walk up and attend. To allow for social distancing, residents should sit in the grass area in addition to the reserved sidewalk squares. 

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work together to adhere to Tri-County Health’s regulations. To follow all the pool news, weather closure, availability – join the Wheatlands Community Pool Page on Facebook located here.

Also a reminder about lap swim, if you sign up for lap swim each person that is going to swim needs to sign up for a spot. You can’t sign up for one spot and bring more than one person. We have room for 12 people for lap swim, 2 per lane. People who only sign up for one spot and then bring multiple people puts us over our limit. Thank you.

Snack Shack is Back

Snack Shack at the pool is back starting Wednesday, July 1st. We ask that you bring exact change to minimize the handling of cash back and forth. We are working on setting up a credit card option. All items will be $1 with the exception of otter pops, those will be $.25.

Snack Shack Menu

Drink options: $1

•Dr. Pepper

•Coke Zero




Snack options $1

•Baked Chips



•Fruit Cups

Sweet treats $1 

•Ice cream sandwich 

•Drum sticks (this item contains nuts)

•Hershey bars

•Almond Hershey bar 

•Kit Kat 


•Reese’s peanut butter cups

•Reese’s peices



Otter pops $0.25 

More Pool Time & Snack Shack Opening

Dear Wheatlands Residents,
With a little more than a week under our belt we continue to adjust and make changes to our day to day operations to make this pool season run as smoothly and efficiently as possible during these unusual times.

With the new announcement from Governor Polis we will now be able to have 75 people on the pool deck at a time. We will still need to practice social distancing and follow the guidelines set forth by Tri-County Health. There will still be regulations on the amount of people allowed in each pool to allow for proper social distancing.

Starting July 1 there will be 15 slots available to sign up for to accommodate the 75 people. Along with these additions of slots each family will now be able to sign up for an additional 3 times to visit the pool. For a total of 7.
Please remember, to enter the pool you need to have your 2020 pool registration completed, the COVID waiver completed and your confirmation of sign up from sign up genius. All this can be found HERE.

Also, please note that if there are open spots on the sign up we are allowing walk ups at the gate.

We will also be adding snack shack back to the pool starting next week.

Look for further communication on this subject later this week.
We appreciate our neighbors keeping each other safe by adhering to Tri-County Healths regulations this summer.  Our lifeguards are working hard to keep you safe at the pool, please help them by not taking advantage of a difficult situation. – Wheatlands Board 

Additional Pool Reservations

Additional Pool Reservations

We look forward to the pool opening tomorrow!  We appreciate your support and understanding as we have to limit capacity on the pool this summer due to COVID-19.   

After letting residents sign up for a few days on the sign up genius located here, we have determined that we have more slots available and we are opening up 2 more slots for families to reserve this summer.  

In addition, for time slots that remain vacant we will allow walk ups on a first come first served basis.  For example, if 8 out of 10 slots are reserved – those 8 families are guaranteed a place at the pool and we would allow the first 2 walk up families on a first come first served basis to fill the remaining spots.  If you reserved a spot and are unable to make your reservation, please go into the sign up genius and delete/cancel your reservation to allow for additional walk-ups.   

We still have time available in the mornings for lap swimming. To reserve a lap swimming time click here.  We can accept walk ups for lap swimming too if it isn’t fully reserved.

Don’t forget, before you go to the pool to fill out the COVID-19 waiver online and to bring your activated Pool Fob. To make the entry to the pool process quicker please have your sign up and waiver confirmation ready to show the lifeguards. Bring your own chairs and food as furniture will not be available and the snack shack is closed.  

We appreciate our neighborhood looking out for each other.  We are doing our best to allow everyone a time to sign up for a reservation at the pool this summer. Please note these reservations are per household and our pool manager will be cross checking the sign up to ensure households are only signing up for their allotted spots. We want to leave spots open still for new residents or residents who haven’t had a chance to sign up yet.  

Thank you for showing kindness as we all adjust to the new pool requirements.  We hope everyone will enjoy a safe and fun summer at the pool!  

Pool Information and Sign Up

Information and Sign Up
Please read all information below
Dear Wheatlands Residents, our pool is scheduled to open on June 15th and we’re excited to be back together again. As you plan your trip to the pool, please take note of our new processes and policies. The health and safety of our residents and staff are our top priority. All of the changes to your pool experience have been designed with your safety in mind and in compliance of Tri-County Health requirements.

Pool Reservations

● FAMILY SWIM RESERVATION – the link to the sign-up genius is HERE and also located under the pool section of our website at www.wheatlandsmetro.org

● LAP SWIM RESERVATION – to sign up for Lap swim click HERE – Lap swim is for those who are going to be swimming laps, adults, swim team members etc. 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 2 per lane at opposite ends unless you are family members. You can sign up for two spots per week.

● You must make a reservation in order to visit the pool.

● We are opening the reservations from June 15- August 9.

● We are allowing each family to sign up for two time slots for now. We ask that you try
and reserve your spot sooner rather than later so we can have the slots filled each
day. With 1100 homes in Wheatlands we are trying to anticipate how many families
will sign up and give everyone an opportunity to visit the pool this summer.

● In July, we will evaluate the time slots and if we have available slots we will open the
sign-up genius to allow families to sign up for more than two slots.

● We ask if you are unable to attend that you cancel your reservation so other residents
may attend. You should not tell a neighbor or friend to take your spot. You need to
remove your spot in the system as we need to keep track of attendance for tracing

Pool Hours

● The pool hours look different this year and we are pleased to announce we have
extended the hours to allow for adult lap swim in the morning.

○ 8:00-9:30 Adult Lap Swim
■ 9:30-10:00 Clean
○ 10:00-11:30 Open Swim
■ 11:30-12:00 Clean
○ 12:00-1:30 Open Swim
■ 1:30-2:00 Clean
○ 2:00-3:30 Open Swim
■ 3:30-4:00 Clean
○ 4:00-5:30 Open Swim
■ 5:30-6:00 Clean
○ 6:00-7:30 Open Swim
■ 7:30-8:00 Clean / Close Down

Pool Capacity

● Pool capacity is limited to 50 people at the pool at one time. The pool deck will be
divided into 10 sections each located 6 feet apart from each other. Although 50 people
are allowed on the pool deck; only 25 people are allowed in the deeper pool at a time
and 16 people in the zero depth entry pool. We acknowledge this will be a challenge to
share the pool and appreciate your neighborly attitude and looking out for each other as
we comply with the health department’s guidelines.

● Due to the limits on attendance we will have a no guest policy so you must be a resident of Wheatlands to enjoy the pool. In addition, we will not have summer camps or swimteam at the pool this year.

Entering The Pool

● To speed up the entry into the pool, please have your sign up confirmation ready to show the guard at the gate. Complete the COVID-19 Pool Waiver located on our website or click here keep your email that shows it was completed as you will be asked to present the email to the lifeguards at check in.

● All residents who enter the pool will need to bring their activated pool fob and a copy
of the completed COVID19 waiver.

● To activate your Pool Fob complete the 2020 pool waiver and follow the instructions
provided here.

● Please follow the lifeguards instruction and maintain social distance as you wait to
enter the pool.

● Come in at the gate by the playground

What to Bring

● Please bring your own chairs and towels to the pool. Due to the time to clean furniture,
no pool furniture will be provided however each section will have an umbrella or shade

● Pool toys and floats are allowed, however it is recommended by the health department
that they are not shared.

● Food and drink are welcome and please dispose of your trash in the provided trash
cans. The snack shack will be closed.

Pool Safety

● We will have marked each section of the pool deck and ask that your family maintain
physical distance from others at the pool. It is your responsibility to ensure you stay 6
feet away both in the pool and outside the pool. The lifeguards are responsible for the
aquatic safety of our residents and to prevent drowning. Please help them and follow
the rules so we can have an enjoyable and safe summer at the pool.

● We will have set traffic patterns for entering and exiting the pool deck.

● The restrooms will be open however the lockers will remain closed.

Exiting the Pool

● We ask when your time is up at the pool you gather your belongings and leave quickly
to allow cleaning to take place and the lifeguards to begin to check in for the next
group of residents.

● Exit through the side by wheatlands parkway

Your Team

● Please join us in welcoming Hannah Krafels who is our Aquatic Coordinator from the
YMCA who will help us maintain and manage the pool this summer. Thank you
Hannah! If you have any questions or comments regarding the lifeguard staff or the
pool management please reach out to Hannah. She is here to help and you can email

● The lifeguards are here for you! They want to ensure we have a safe and fun swim
environment. Please have patience as these procedures are new to the lifeguards
and they are doing their best to serve our community.

Thank you for being great neighbors and helping us make the pool a fun and safe place this summer!

Pool Opening Details

We are getting ready to welcome you back to the pool

We miss you! Thank you for persevering and doing your part to stay safe and stop the spread of coronavirus. We are so looking forward to welcoming the community back to the Pool.

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of you, the residents, and our staff. Our plan to welcome you back will closely follow the guidelines released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

As of now, we plan to open the pool on June 15th

There will be different phases to opening and the Pool will be the first to open.  The Clubhouse will remain closed for rentals.

As information about our welcome back plan develops, we will share it with you here on our website. In the meantime, we will continue to diligently plan for your return. 

We’re following guidelines from health experts and local officials to ensure that our pools meet the highest standards for hygiene and safety.   We will be sending out more details next week. 

·         We will have set traffic patterns to create one-way traffic where possible  

·         Hand Sanitizer will be available

·         There will be a reservation system that will be released to sign up for a time slot to be at the pool.  There will be breaks between time slots for cleaning.

·         Staff, residents and vendors will be  required to complete health questionnaire and temperatures checks upon entering the pool.

·         Masks will be recommended for residents while not in the water,  but not required. (Unless mandated from Tri-County Health) Staff will be wearing masks when social distancing is not possible or not actively guarding. 

While there will be limitations and requirements around your pool visits please enjoy your time, be respectful of your community members and staff and celebrate that the pool will be open.

We look forward to seeing you at the pool. 

Pool Hours

We wish all the families in the neighborhood a wonderful school year! Since our lifeguards will also be back at school, our pool hours switch to Swim at Your Own Risk during the week day.

August 12 – September 2: 
Monday – Friday Swim at your Own Risk from 10AM – 4PM; Lifeguards on Duty from 4 – 8PM and on duty Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 8PM

For more information regarding the pool please see here.