November 2022 Newsletter

November Newsletter
A time to give thanks and help the homeless…

A fellow Wheatlands neighbor, Hylet Verhulst, organizes this Perfect Potluck food drive each year and we appreciate her putting this all together! Please see the information below.

Our Annual Thanksgiving event for the Homeless community is happening again this year!
Every year more and more people join us to give back to our community by feeding our homeless community on Thanksgiving morning.

During the past 5 years we have helped more than 5000 people in the Denver Metro Area, half of which, has been just on our holiday events!
I’m looking for people who are willing to cook and help with the food distribution.

Please sign up clicking the link below. Once again, thank you so much in advance to all new volunteers and reoccurring ones! Your help is so appreciated.

Y’all are amazing!!
Community Events
Enter Wheatlands in the search bar on the left-hand side of the page
and then click on Wheatlands Murder Mystery Night to register

Be sure to add your email address when registering,
so that we can assign you a character.

Sign up closes on November 5th
to provide ample time to get costumes, etc.
Upcoming Community Events
2022 Wheatlands Great Light Fight Rules/Guidelines

If you consider yourself a holiday fanatic or if you just like making the holidays extra special for the kids, please join Wheatlands Metro District Great Holiday Light Fight!!!
The Great Holiday Light Fight is a residential holiday decorating competition. Submit photos of your home all lit up, and fans of Wheatlands will decide who has the best setup. 
  • How to win: The top three contestants with the most likes, and unique shares on our Facebook page will win! Make sure to tell your friends to share, comment, and or like your home’s post to vote! To join our page, click the like button at:
  • Rules: Photos must be taken during the night so that your lights can shine extra bright! This contest is for residential homes within the Wheatlands Metro District.  The Voting takes place on Wheatlands Metro Districts Facebook Page. The post with the most Shares + Likes will win!
  • Prizes: Our prizes will be:
  • 1st Place: $100 
  • 2nd Place: $75 
  • 3rd Place: $50            
  • Deadlines: Deadline to register is December 15th, 2022. Wheatlands Metro District will post each entry separately on our page to begin the voting. Voting ends on December 25th. Results will be posted on New Year’s Day!

Join the battle! Sign up and send us your decorated home!
As part of the Great Holiday Light Fight, all entries must include at least one photo of your home decorated and up to 5 total photos.   Please include in your email to [email protected] the name of your display, your first and last name and your home’s address. Please indicate if you would like to share your address on the Facebook entry so neighbors can view your home in person or if you prefer to keep it private.  Thanks for participating!
We can’t wait to see all those decorated homes!!  #WheatlandsLightFight
A very special thank you to Jen and Mike Cronk and Rebecca Joyner 1320 Homes Real Estate – Your Race Team of Real Estate Experts for sponsoring the hot beverage tent and providing complimentary hot drinks for the Stories with Santa event coming up in December!
Mark your calendars…

Breckenridge Beer Tasting and Food Pairing
has been rescheduled for Saturday, January 21st!

Be sure to get your tickets, starting mid-December!
Community Event Recap
Thank you to everyone that came out to participate in the 2022 Wheatlands Pumpkin Patch event!! It was a fabulous day, and the weather was wonderful. The Wheatlands District teamed up with the YMCA and we gave away 250 pumpkins to the community. We had a fantastic face painter, fun pumpkin craft and a bounce house for all to enjoy. Thank you to Cruz and Eats food truck and to the Dessert Stand for coming out and providing your delicious entrees and treats. And another shout out to Jen and Mike Cronk and Rebecca Joyner 1320 Homes Real Estate – Your Race Team of Real Estate Experts for sponsoring the hot beverage tent and providing complimentary hot drinks for all that attended. Thank you again for making this such a fun event!
There were so many fantastic decorations at this year’s contest! Everyone really went all out. Thank you for all of your efforts. It was a very close race, and our judges had a challenge deciding on the winners! A very special thank you to our special judges for helping out and volunteering your time to go out and vote.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2022 Wicked Wheatlands Halloween Decorating Contest!

The winners for the following categories are:

Best Day Time Display: Towering Freight (6246 S Jamestown Court)

Best Kid-Friendly Display: Disney Haunts Galore (6602 Kellerman Way)

Best Night Display: Nights of the Spirits (6102 S Jackson Gap)

Best Spooky Display: Be afraid, be very afraid, especially on Halloween Night (6431 S Kellerman Way)
Best Day-time Display
Best Kid-friendly Display
Best Night Display
Best Spooky Display
And another shout out to Jen and Mike Cronk and Rebecca Joyner 1320 Homes Real Estate – Your Race Team of Real Estate Experts for doubling the gift card prizes for each category winner!
Community Information
Park Phase II:
Construction continues on Phase II of the Park, and we appreciate the community’s patience as this project has taken longer than anticipated. Richdell has informed us that the acrylic spot finish that will be placed on the courts to color and strip them cannot be applied until next spring. The finish needs to be applied in warmer weather and their sub-contractor will have to come back out next spring to apply the finish and complete the courts. The shelter also continues to be delayed and the new delivery timeframe is now early December. Richdell continues to make progress towards substantial completion. Below are a few of the project milestones that were completed in October:

Southeast End: Concrete work on this end of the park should be wrapping up soon. The last of the concrete on this end includes the trash receptacle pads and the remainder of concrete trail between the half basketball court and S.
Kewaunee Way. Most of the trees on this portion of the site have been installed. About 60-70% of the sod has been installed on this end of the park. Masonry veneer is being completed.

Northwest End: The last drainage connection has been delivered and is installed. Concrete work on this end of the park is nearly finished. Most of the
flatwork, all of the curbs and mowstrips, and all of the amenity pads have
been installed. The last pieces that need to be installed on this end of the
park include: Bottom of the stairs on the north end (near S. Jamestown Way/S.
Kewaunee Way). Removal and replacement of the damaged concrete outside of the project limits. Two new stones of concrete that have cracked. The irrigation laterals on this end of the park are being installed. Cornhole boards have been installed.

Overall Site: Handrails for stairs and ramp have been field measured and are in the process of being fabricated. The irrigation system is a couple of weeks away from running a coverage test. Light pole locations have been potholed.
Landscape Updates:
The fall landscape maintenance continues, and we saw some beautiful fall colors in Wheatlands. Our trees are growing better and hiring a separate arborist this year has ensured they are getting the care they need. Cox replenished the mulch beds at the park and clubhouse. During our last board meeting, the board approved the shrub audit that was presented by Cox. The audit included all the metro district property and looked for areas of opportunity in regard to removing dead shrubs and adding in new plant materials to enhance the aesthetics of the neighborhood.  This was approved for next year’s budget so the work will not begin until next year.

Park Maintenance:
Cleaning of the park bathrooms continues on Mondays and Fridays. We have noticed increased graffiti in the bathroom while school is in session. The board voted to change the locks on the bathroom to hopefully decrease the opportunity for graffiti. The bathroom will be open from 9:000AM-6:00PM going forward. Hopefully changing the hours will help with the vandalism in the bathroom. 

Urban Soccer Field:
This project continues to make progress. We are finalizing the site details at the Aurora Y and then the Urban Soccer Field representatives will give the board a bid sheet for the board to pick a contractor to flatten the area for the fields. We are hoping to go out to bid soon and get the project rolling. In the meantime, we have ordered the fields and they are working on producing them for us. At the September board meeting, we opted to create 2 larger fields so we could run both soccer and then have an additional field dedicated to volleyball and/or pickle ball.  We appreciate the YMCA’s partnership on this project and helping us create this new space for future programming! 

Snow Removal:
As we approach the winter months, snow removal on the streets of Wheatlands always seems to be a big topic. Last year the City of Aurora had a pilot program with the Blackstone community to allow them to plow their own roads in case of major snow events. When we asked to join the pilot last year, they told us we needed to wait to determine how the pilot turned out, so we were unable to participate. Unfortunately, the City of Aurora has decided that they are no longer allowing this program for any communities going forward due to the lack of staffing to ensure that no damage to the streets occur.  We recognize this is a commonly asked question for our community and hope this clarifies why the district is unable to provide snow removal on the roads in Wheatlands.  The good news is the district will save money not having to provide this additional service. It will continue to be up to the City of Aurora to provide the snow plowing for the roads in our neighborhood. The plowing priority map for our neighborhood can be found here. 

Swim Team: 
The Swim Team committee is working with the swim team to negotiate a contract for next year’s swim team.  The board approved moving forward with the team and authorized the committee to negotiate the contract at the last board meeting.
Holiday Lighting and Decorations

While it may be hard to believe, holiday season is, in fact, fast approaching. Cue the holiday parties, lights and decorations. Here is an opportunity to review you District’s rules.

Per the Wheatlands Residential Improvement Guidelines section 3.44 Lights and Lighting

“Holiday lighting and decorations do not require approval. It is required that they not be installed more than forty-five (45) days prior to the holiday. They shall be removed within thirty (30) days following the holiday.”
If you have any questions or concerns regarding holiday lighting and decorations, please email [email protected]
Next Board Meeting

Thursday, November 10th at 6:00pm
this meeting will be a held in person at the Wheatlands Clubhouse located at

We welcome all community members to attend and participate in our board meetings.

Get involved and volunteer for a committee and share your talents!

Going forward the board has decided to allow for flexibility with our meetings
and will post on the agenda prior to each meeting if they will be at the clubhouse or online. 

View our website at to see the agenda and past meeting minutes. 

This will be the last meeting of 2022.
All of the board members have worked extremely hard to continue to improve the Wheatlands community and are going to take the month of December off.
They will resume meetings again in January 2023.

Thank you! 
YMCA Programs
Kids Night Out!

When: Friday November 4th & 18th
5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Where: Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands
6100 S Kewaunee Way
Aurora, CO 80016

What: Kids Night Out
Drop the kids off for 3 hours of fun. Dinner, games, crafts, and a movie. Our staff will start the evening with dinner and then lead the kids through a craft and some fun games and activities, followed by a movie. 

Ages: Potty-trained to 12 years old.

Please register by the previous Wednesday.

Cost: $20/child
Limited to 20 kids.

In order for us to have Kids Night Out
will need at least 6 children to sign up. 
Enter Aurora Kids Night Out in the search bar on the left hand side of the page
and then click on Kids Night Out to register
The YMCA will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day,
Thursday, November 24th,
but will be open,
Friday, November 25th from 7am-3pm.
Southlands Events
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 6PM | Town Square

Kick off the holiday season at our Annual Holiday Hometown
Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony. You may even catch a
glimpse of some special guests—including Santa himself!