The winners of this year’s Wicked Wheatlands Halloween Decorating Contest are…

And the winners are…
There were so many fantastic decorations at this year’s contest! Everyone really went all out. Thank you for all of your efforts. It was a very close race, and our judges had a challenge deciding on the winners! A very special thank you to our special judges for helping out and volunteering your time to go out and vote.

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2022 Wicked Wheatlands Halloween Decorating Contest!

The winners for the following categories are:

Best Day Time Display: Towering Freight (6246 S Jamestown Court)

Best Kid-Friendly Display: Disney Haunts Galore (6602 Kellerman Way)

Best Night Display: Nights of the Spirits (6102 S Jackson Gap)

Best Spooky Display: Be afraid, be very afraid, especially on Halloween Night (6431 S Kellerman Way)

Be sure to check them out all the winners both during the day and at night!
Best Day-time Display
Best Kid-friendly Display
Best Night Display
Best Spooky Display
And another shout out to Jen and Mike Cronk and Rebecca Joyner 1320 Homes Real Estate – Your Race Team of Real Estate Experts for helping to sponsor this contest and matching the $75 prize for each category doubling it so each category winner won $150! Happy Halloween!

There is still time to go out and see all that participated, so click on the link below.

Map Pro Tip – The icons are different for each category.

Yellow Sun = Best Day Display
Blue Moon = Best Night Display
Purple Ghost = Best Kid Friendly Display
Black Skull = Spookiest Display
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