District Map


Located in South East Aurora, our district is home to over 1100 residents. Our major cross streets are East Smoky Hill Road and S Wheatlands Pkwy. The clubhouse is located at 6601 S Wheatlands Parkway, Aurora CO 80016.

District Landscaping

The district is responsible for landscaping in common areas of district property (see the map above). For any district landscape concerns or comments, please reach out to our property manager, the YMCA. Although Lokal Homes and Avalon Southlands apartments are part of Wheatlands Metro District they have their own landscape agreements and maintain their own property. If you have landscape concerns with city property or non-district property you can submit them on the Access Aurora app and the City of Aurora will look into it for you.

Snow Removal

The Districts snow removal contract includes district property sidewalks, the clubhouse parking lot, the wheatlands park and recreation authority parking lot (YMCA) and the group mailbox kiosk pads.  Click the map link below to see the sidewalks and parking lots that the district landscape team is responsible for clearing:

Wheatlands Snow Removal Map

Map legend: The yellow lines indicate the sidewalks that are the district responsibility. The blue snowflakes show each of the mailbox pads that the district landscape team has in their contract to clear. The P signs indicate the parking lots the district maintains for snow removal. For any questions on the map or district snow removal please contact our property manager.

Resident’s are responsible for snow removal on their sidewalks and driveways and must follow the city of aurora guidelines on timely removal of snow from their property.

The City of Aurora is responsible for all snow removal on the roads in Wheatlands. Below is information from the City of Aurora on their priority of snow removal.