July Community Park Update

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The park is really starting to come together and exciting new features are being installed in July. Once ID Sculpture comes on site you will see the park really start to transform. Feel free to swing by and take a look next time you are over there.

A few updates since June:

  • Goodland completed all the utility work for the restroom.
  • They have begun excavation for the remedial fill for the shelter.
  • They put up forms for the playground curb walls.
    • The final portion of the wall will be poured once the boulders are placed on top of their pedestals.
  • Materials have arrived on-site for the drainage system in the playground area
  • While ID Sculpture is installing the climbing wall features, Goodland plans on building the Park ID sign, completing the curb ramps and constructing the shelter.
  • Concrete flatwork will begin the 1st week of August after ID sculpture has completed the climbing wall.
  • The shelter permit was issued.

Thank you to our community for all your support of the community park project!

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