Park Grand Opening

Join us on Saturday, October 26th from 2-4 pm to celebrate the grand opening of Wheatlands Community Park. We can’t wait for our community to enjoy the new playground and park amenities.

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance for a ribbon cutting ceremony. We will also have a face painter, bounce house, Kona Ice, Madly Sugared and Freddy’s Cuisine will all be at the event. We hope to see you there!

When: Saturday, October 26th 2-4pm

Where: Wheatlands Community Park located at 6171 S Wheatlands Parkway, Aurora CO 80016 at the intersection of S Wheatlands Parkway and E Pinewood Drive 

Recreation Center and Community Park Update

Wheatlands Recreation Center Update

You may have noticed the trailers on site last week and we are pleased to announce that financing has been secured for the Wheatlands Recreation Center. This project has been years in the making beginning with the purchase of the property and a zoning code change to allow nonprofit recreation facilities as a permitted use for this site. Then by creating a separate authority, a contract with the bank was negotiated for a loan to create a beautiful facility for our residents. We appreciate everyone who came to public input meetings in the past and attended the most recent open house. The District wants to be very transparent with the project and communication. We look forward to continuing to update the community on the project progress. Please come to any of our board meetings to discuss it. They are open to everyone and we are here to represent and serve you.


Who owns the land and the building?
The Wheatlands Metro District established a separate legal entity called the Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority. The Wheatlands Metro District sold the property to the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority, and the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority will finance, construct, own and operate the recreation center. This allows the Metro District to not have the facility debt on its balance sheet and also gives the liability of the facility over to the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority.

Who is on the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority Board?
The Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority Board has three members. A majority of the board members are Wheatlands residents.  These board members are acting in the best interest of our community and their goal is to represent us and lead the project.

How can we afford the center?
$45 of the $65 a month that you currently pay goes towards park and recreation. This money combined with transfers from the general fund was used to construct the new Community Park and complete other recreation projects in the past. With the park nearing completion, the District board has negotiated to have $35 per month go towards the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority to allow every household family passes to the facility. The YMCA has contributed financially to the center, and the land also acts as collateral for the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority loan.  

Will my monthly fees go up?
The board has no plans to raise fees at this time and works hard to budget correctly to keep our monthly fees low. That being said, fees can always go up as expenses for the community continue to rise and as costs continue to increase.

What if we don’t think the YMCA is managing the facilities properly?
The YMCA has a vested interest in managing the property correctly. However if the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority believes the YMCA is not managing it according to the contract, they can terminate the contract and hire a different management company.

How is the revenue or profit used?
The revenue from the recreation center will go back to the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority to be used to pay down the loans for building the recreation center as well as fund the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facility.  The Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority will pay a fixed 4% management fee and a contingent Incentive Fee to the YMCA to run the day to day operations of the recreation center.   

How will this facility be viable with the proposed Aurora rec center so close?  
As part of the loan process, market research on the area was completed by an independent third party. The report concluded that the market is large enough to support both projects. The bank is also fully aware of the Aurora Rec Center project and moved ahead with the financing.

Why was this project started in the first place? 
The community has been in favor of it and had expressed the need for additional recreation facilities and amenities for our residents.  

Will the YMCA continue to manage the clubhouse and pool?  
The contract with the Wheatlands Metro District is independent of the contract with the Wheatlands Park and Rec Authority. At this time, the Wheatlands Metro District Board has no plans to hire a different property management company.

Will the YMCA Day Camps continue up at the Wheatlands Clubhouse?
Once the new facility is built the camps will transition to the recreation center.  

What is the cost to build the recreation center? 
The first phase of the facility will cost $21 million.

Is there any proactive plan for dealing with extra traffic?
Traffic studies were required as part of the approval process with the City of Aurora. At this time, there is not enough traffic to put in a traffic light or cross walk. The Wheatlands Metro District plans on continuing discussions with the City after the recreation center is open to evaluate traffic to see if the minimum traffic counts are met to install a crosswalk or light.

If you have any questions at any time you can always email the [email protected].  

Community Park Update

The Community Park is scheduled to open next month! We plan on having a Fall Party there to celebrate.  We can’t wait for this amazing new space to open. The new park pavilion will provide a gathering space for our community. The climbing wall and park theme are unique to the area and will bring so many smiles to kids in our community. Below are a few highlights that have been completed since August:

● The rubberized surfacing has been installed.
● The railing has also been installed.
● Both of the play features are being installed in the lower play pit.
● Once the play equipment has been installed, Goodland will place the rock
and the engineered wood fiber surfacing.
● The masonry for the shelter columns/walls and the park sign has been completed.
● The flat-work has been completed.
● The shelter is being built and installed
● The swing structure and topsy-turvy have been installed.
● The trees have arrived onsite and were reviewed and approved. In
● In areas that are ready, trees have been installed.

Thank you to the community for all your support of the park project.

August Park Update

The park is transforming! With the formation of the climbing wall and the sculptures being brought onsite you can begin to see the vision and how amazing this playground will be for our community.

August Park Update:

  • ID Sculpture is on-site and forming the climbing wall and insects.
    • The climbing wall features an ant hill, tree roots and an earthworm to challenge kids as they grow to climb up each different section.
    • The insects (pictured above) will be placed inside the park with the spider web at the top level of the climbing wall.  The spider will attach to a spider web climber.
  • The drainage system in the playground area has been installed.
  • The forms are up for the boulder footings and they will be poured. 
  • Goodland has completed rough grading the site.
  • The shelter columns and seat walls were poured.
  • The boulders are set in place and are ready for review.
  • Goodland has begun pouring the playground curb.
  • They are hoping to complete the flatwork at the top of the playground then begin work on the lower portions of the playground.
  • Goodland has begun work on the sign at the corner of the park.
  • Colorado Hardscapes will be available late August.
  • All the play equipment has been manufactured and is being stored until ready for installation.
  • The shelter is being built offsite and is nearing completion and should be ready to ship within a week or two.
  • The playground curb along the northeast portion of the lower playground has been poured.
  • All the lighting equipment has arrived.
  • The water connection to the restroom has been completed.

Although we have hit a few delays along the way the quality of work being done is fantastic. It is really starting to come together and we appreciate the communities support of this project.

July Community Park Update

The park is really starting to come together and exciting new features are being installed in July. Once ID Sculpture comes on site you will see the park really start to transform. Feel free to swing by and take a look next time you are over there.

A few updates since June:

  • Goodland completed all the utility work for the restroom.
  • They have begun excavation for the remedial fill for the shelter.
  • They put up forms for the playground curb walls.
    • The final portion of the wall will be poured once the boulders are placed on top of their pedestals.
  • Materials have arrived on-site for the drainage system in the playground area
  • While ID Sculpture is installing the climbing wall features, Goodland plans on building the Park ID sign, completing the curb ramps and constructing the shelter.
  • Concrete flatwork will begin the 1st week of August after ID sculpture has completed the climbing wall.
  • The shelter permit was issued.

Thank you to our community for all your support of the community park project!

June Community Park Update

A view of the climbing wall after it was poured. Note this picture was taken before it was backfilled.

Construction continues on our Community Park located off Wheatlands Parkway and South Jamestown Way. Below are the highlights since our last update and some of the next steps coming up in our schedule:

  • Goodland has backfilled the front face of the large playground wall.
  • They have begun backfilling the backside of the wall as far as possible before installing the French drain.
  • Ground crews will be coming out to x-ray the wall for rebar locations before the drain is installed through the wall.
  • The boulders are showing up on-site on Tuesday June 18th.
  • The upper playground curb walls will be formed and poured within two weeks.
  • Goodland will have all the footings for the ID Sculpture wall elements completed before ID Sculpture arrives on-site in mid July to install the hand holds and features of the wall.
  • Waterlines are being connected to the restroom.
  • Concrete that connects the new area to the old area is being installed and replaced.
  • The permit for the shelter has been issued by the City of Aurora.
  • The City came out and inspected the sewer connections and electrical conduit for the restroom.
  • Goodlands has submitted the permits for the curbed ramps and will begin that work once they are approved.

Thank you to the community for all your support of the Community Park project.

Community Park – Restroom Installed

The community restroom was installed this morning. The restroom was lifted off a flatbed truck and installed onto the restroom foundation. The stonework was chosen to match the clubhouse and existing architecture around Wheatlands. The restroom includes a water bottle filling station and drinking fountain on the exterior.

Community Park: May Construction Update

The community park is moving along! Below are a few key deliveries that have been achieved and are happening this month:

  • Climbing Wall
    • The rebar inspection for the large playground wall passed last Friday.
  • Restroom
    • Restroom permit was acquired.
      GoodLand over-excavated the site and has been working on the restroom foundation.
    • The restroom was built offsite and is scheduled to be delivered and installed next week on Wednesday, May 22nd.
    • The restroom will have running water and a flush toilet.
  • Playground Signs
    • Architerra is working with Artcraft on the fabrication of the signs.
    • The signs will tie into the theme and will also include park rules and a community board.
  • Sculptures
    • The sculptures for the park were scheduled to be here in June however the company providing them is now quoting closer to August.
    • There is a 4-6 week lead time on the customized sculptures.
  • Site Furnishings
    • All site furnishings have been ordered and will be stored at Goodland’s site until ready to be installed.
  • Shelter
    • We have received the engineering drawings for the shelter.
  • Playground Equipment
    • The equipment has been ordered and is shipping in May.
    • The large spinner (pictured below) has been ordered and shipped.

Shown above is a picture of the large spinner that was ordered for the playground.

Thank you to our community for your support of this project!

Community Park Construction Progress

Construction continues on the Wheatlands Community Park

• Goodland’s surveyor has been out to verify the depths/locations of the over- excavation for the large playground wall

• The radius has been staked for the footings for the playground curb walls

• Footings for the playground curb walls should be ready for review by the end of the week

• Boulders were selected for the park

• By the end of next week all footing formwork for the large playground wall should be ready for review. The footer will be poured after that.

• It will be a couple weeks until the main wall is poured

• Goodland might over-excavate for the shelter/bathroom at the same time

Thank you for your support of the community park and we will continue to update you as progress continues. Happy Spring!

Breaking Ground

We are pleased to announce construction is underway on the Wheatlands Community Park.

The Community Park will feature a restroom, pavilion, climbing wall and multi-age play features with the theme of “Big World, Little Kid”. The Park will be located off Wheatlands Parkway and South Jamestown Way.

The construction schedule has the park completed by late summer and we will continue to keep the community updated on the park’s progress. For more pictures of the park design click here.

Community Park Update

The bids have all come in for our community park which will be located off Wheatlands Parkway and South Jamestown Way. During the January board meeting the District discussed the various bids and hired GoodLand Construction who was the lowest responsible bidder. The Architerra group will be leading the construction project and will provide a construction schedule soon. We can’t wait for the community to enjoy the park and will continue to update you with park news as construction begins.