March 2019 Newsletter

March 2019 Newsletter
Covenant and Community Reminders

Spring is approaching make sure you are prepping your yards.

March lawn tips:

Trees and Shrubs

 – During heavy snowstorms remove snow buildup from limbs.

 – If conditions have been dry, water lawn and ground cover areas, evergreens, and newly planted deciduous trees and shrubs once per month. Water only if the soil is dry and only when warm weather is expected for several days. Most established deciduous trees do not need extra water except in very exposed sites.

–  In late March or early April, remove wrap from trees. Be sure to remove any tape that was securing the wrap to the trees to avoid damaging the trunk as the trees grow.

– Prune summer-blooming shrubs (those that bloom on the current season’s growth) in late March before new growth begins. (examples: Blue Mist Spirea, summer-blooming Spireas, Butterfly Bush)

– Cut back perennials and grasses that were not cut back in the fall.

–  Add mulch to perennials beds.

      • Trash cans are being left out in view. To avoid a notice or fine please bring in your trash can within 24 hours after trash pick up
    • Winter Shoveling- Make sure driveways and sidewalks are clear.
For a copy of the 2019 trash and recycle calendar click here
Upcoming Events
Friday, March 8th
6-10 pm at the Lakehouse
Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
@ the YMCA Youth Center
Monday-Friday, March 18-22
Thursday, April 11th
6-10 pm @ the Clubhouse

Park Update
The community park at Wheatlands Parkway and South Jamestown Way is continuing to make progress.
The first phase of construction will be the erosion control permits, inspection and installation.  Once this step is complete we will begin mobilization on the site with demolition and clearing the ground to prepare for the utility installation, climbing wall concrete and shelter foundation.
For more images and details of the park please Click Here
Summer Programs & Pool Season
It’s hard to believe that spring is almost here and summer will be quickly approaching. Look for more details in the upcoming weeks on filling out this years pool waiver.
Swim lesson registration will open up on March 1. To register please visit
Summer Camp at the Clubhouse:
At the YMCA, our experienced Camp Counselors offer children a variety of imaginative activities that nurture their spirits, challenge their minds, and strengthen their bodies. With a variety of weekly themes your camper will have an fun and engaging summer while staying active and making new friends. For more information and to register please click Here.
Swim Team News:
Wheatlands Shark Swim Team Registration Dates:
We will be registering Wheatlands (this does not include Beacon Point or Southshore) residents on April 13th – 14th, 2019 from noon on the 13th until midnight on the 14th, both new and returning Wheatlands residents can register onto the team.
All other returning 2018 team members will register on April 17, 2019 at 12:00 pm. Registration will remain open for returning 2018 team members only until either the team is filled or until we open the at-large registration
If there is space available on the team after these two groups register, we will open registration to new members (Both Wheatlands residents who missed priority registration, any former team members who missed registration, and any other new at-large members) Registration will close on April 27th 2019.
Registration for our Spring Stroke Clinics will be on March 6, 2019 at 12:00 pm. For registration details follow the Wheatlands Shark Swim Team’s Facebook page located here.
Wheatlands Community Directory

Non-Emergency – Police
Irrigation 24 hour service
720-870-9297, 720-870-2221 (Operated by the YMCA)

Water & Sewer Service

Police Representative – Officer Cassell 303-627-3172
Public Works Department 303-739-7300

City of Aurora 303-326-8200

SNOW REMOVAL (District Property)
YMCA and Coxlandscaping
*Homeowners are responsible for sidewalks and driveways

Waste Management Company
Kids Night Out at The Lakehouse
Kids will have games and crafts with dinner provided, and will get to watch a movie in our movie theater. Parents can relax with the night off. $15 for 1st child $10 for additional children. 6:00 pm-10:00 pm. Please register by Wednesday prior to event. Register on the YMCA website. Call 720-870-2221 with any questions.

March  8th
 Stormy Weather
  Movie: Cloud with a Chance of Meatballs
New Programs at the YMCA Youth Center at Southlands Shopping Center
Come check out some of our new programs offered at the YMCA Youth Center!
(For more information on any of these programs please call the youth center at 720.274.5759
Our Teen Center comes with a pool table, foosball, Nintendo Wii and X Box and many different craft opportu-nities and games, there is never a dull moment. Cost Free; any themed nights will cost $4

Southlands Shopping Center and the Aurora YMCA is here to help you! Drop the kids off at the YMCA Teen Center where Kids can participate in activities and crafts as you indulge yourself with everything Southlands has to offer! Please provide a small snack for your child. Open Tuesday and Thursday’s 5-8pm. Friday’s 10am2pm Ages: Potty trained – 10 years. Fee: $7 per child.

 Ages 11-18

Develop Leadership Skills
Youth-led community service pro-jects
Bi-monthly meetings – Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:00pm at Southlands Teen Center

Homework Club
Come get help with your homework. Tuesday & Thursday nights 4-5pm. K-6th, $5
 Three-day, intensive, state wide, mock-government program

Grades 7-12
Hands on Experience
Teachers curriculum support
Full Access to Colorado State

YMCA Programs
In addition to family activities at Southshore, the YMCA runs programs that benefit the entire Aurora Community.
Y Sports
Spring sports registration is now open! For more info:
Billy Merryman – Sports Coordinator
[email protected]
Y Leaders
A new program for the Aurora Family YMCA. Youth 11-18 can join at no cost to plan and take part in Saturday service opportunities. Please attend our Wednesday meetings or contact Tim Droke  for more information. [email protected]
Youth in Government
Join youth from throughout the state at our premier model government program. High school aged students will write and debate bills, argue state supreme court cases or take part in our press and lobbyist programs. The only group with access to the state Capitol building in this capacity.  Click here to find out more!
Reach & Rise Mentoring
What is Reach and Rise?
  • Reach and Rise is a free group mentoring program of the YMCA, established to provide young people in our community with positive and peer relationships.
    • 2 adult mentors are matched with a group of 6 youth
    • The group will meet once a week for 2 hours.
    • The program cycle runs for 8 weeks during the summer and 16 weeks during the fall and spring.
  • Mentors are meant to serve as role models, friends, and confidants. They’re another source of support for your child. They are not meant to take the role of a parent, babysitter, or financier.
For more information contact:
Tim Droke
Southlands Shopping Center Events

Southlands Cub Club is for children ages 3 to 10. Members get special discounts at Southlands retailers and YMCA programs, monthly events, a club newsletter and during your child’s birth month, they receive a special birthday surprise. Joining is easy. Click here to enroll, then come to the Southlands Management Office during business hours to pick up your child’s membership card and welcome goodie bag. Cub Club Registration is also available at every Southlands Event throughout the year.
Next Cub Club Event:
When: Thursday, March 21st
Where: Beyond the Blackboard
to RSVP Click Here 
Wheatlands Metropolitan District
visit us online at
Next Board Meeting: Thursday, April 11th at 6:00 pm