July 2024 Newsletter

July Newsletter


Upcoming Community Events

Food trucks at the 4th of July event will be as follows:

R&B Tacos & Grill

Gyros King

Lobster Dogs

Repiccis Italian Ice & Gelato

Click here to sign up for the 4th of July Party!

A very special thank you to our sponsors of this event.

We couldn’t do these fun events without your help.

July 4 th Pool Games Schedule

(Open 10am-5pm)


10:50am -Cannon Ball Contest

11:50am -Noodle and Duckie Relay Race

12:50pm -Belly Flop Contest

1:50pm -Floatie race (with donut floats)

2:50pm -Capri Sun Scavenger Hunt

3:50pm -Wet T-shirt Relay Race

4:50pm- Watermelon competition


3rd Street Tacos Band is coming back for the

July 18th event, since we got rained out the last time!

So, tell your friends and neighbors!

Event Recap

Thank you to everyone that came out to the welcome back to summer event! We ordered just enough pizza and ice cream to satisfy all that attended.

We had over 200 people sign up for the event! We were having so much fun we forgot to take more pictures.

A very special thank you to the Coder School for sponsoring this event and also providing some drinks for the kids. We hope you all had a great time.

We had another great turnout for Coffee and Crafts this month. The kids got to make some really fun crafts and posters for their dad’s for Father’s Day gifts.

A very special thank you to Andrew Jatua for helping plan and execute this great family friendly event!

June was a very busy month. Thank you to all that participated in the Wheatlands Community Garage Sale. We had over 25 families participate. We sure hope that you had fun selling your treasures.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the June 20th food truck night! We had a great turnout until the rains came! And since the evening got cut short, 3rd Street Taco band is willing to do a rain check and will be returning for the July 18th food truck night! Look forward to seeing you then!

Community Information

Landscape Maintenance

The board approved at the June meeting to fix the drainage issues near the basketball and soccer fields at the park. We also will be overseeding the soccer field and moving the goal posts on a regular basis to help the turf to stay beautiful. Cox Landscaping hasn’t begun the detention pond maintenance yet since they had several repairs down Wheatlands parkway due to Xfinitiy hitting the sprinkler lines during their work. Cox is hoping to start the retention pond drainage in July. Our arborist has finished his recommendations for tree replacements and the board approved replacing the dead trees around the neighborhood. We are seeing fewer trees each year needing replacement and we are happy to see our trees are starting to grow bigger.

Traffic Signals in Wheatlands

Residents often send emails or requests to the board regarding traffic signals that should be placed in Wheatlands. However we can’t help with these requests as they are completed by the City of Aurora. The City has an app that you can use to submit your requests regarding traffic signals. Here is a link to Google Play store to the Aurora CO Access Aurora app for Aurora residents to submit questions, comments, & requests.



To submit a concern about traffic signage (or lack thereof).  

Press “New Request” Scroll to “Traffic Signs and Signals”

Select “Traffic Signage”

Move/Zoom the map so the intersection in question is under the center map pin icon & press the checkmark up top.

Write up your desired change (ex: four way stop signs) under the description & press “submit request”

Website Changes

The Colorado legislature passed House Bill 21-1110, Colorado Laws for Persons with Disabilities, on June 30, 2021. Under this statute, public entities (which, as defined, include Title 32 special districts). This district must develop and implement a plan to make digital content accessible to everyone, using the standards set by the Office of Information Technology (“OIT”) by July 1, 2025. With this new legislature our website will begin being worked on to comply. As a user you will see more pages under construction and being fixed to meet the ADA rules. We appreciate the community’s patience as we enhance it for the future. If you can’t find something on our website feel free to email the board with any questions. 

Our email address is [email protected]

Covenant Information

Common Violations and How to Avoid Them

As a District, our goal in upholding the Covenants is preserving the nature and character of the community and protecting property values. It is important to make sure each homeowner is following all of District Guidelines and Covenants. As you read through the list below, you can see how to avoid potential problems.

Here are some of the most common District violations we typically see, and what you should know about each of them.

  • Landscaping: There are rules about overgrown lawns, weeds and dead plants. When you replace dead plants, be sure to check guidelines to see what types of trees/plants/shrubs are allowed. If you are using different plants than what you had, you will need architectural approval.
  • Vehicles: RVs, boats, trailers and commercial vehicles, for example can be kept on a property for up to 72 hours for loading and unloading only. Otherwise they must be kept within the enclosed garage or an off-site storage facility out of the community.
  • Trash: There are rules on putting trash cans out too early or not bring them in by a certain time, since they can attract pests and make a neighborhood look shabby. “All garbage or trash cans or receptacles shall be stored out of site (except that a container for such materials may be placed outside at such times as may be necessary to permit garbage or trash pickup.) Trash containers may be placed on the street for pickup after 5:00 p.m. on the evening prior to the day that such trash is to be picked up. Trash containers must be removed from the street properly stored by 9:00 p.m. of the day of pickup.”
  • Exterior storage: The District limits what types of equipment may be stored outside. For instance, you should keep items such as bicycles, lawnmowers, kayaks or other items out of view, behind a fence or within your enclosed garage or shed.
  • Pets: To keep all residents safe and comfortable and being respectful of your neighbors, it is important to keep dogs on leashes and to pick up after your pet, while walking them in the neighborhood. The District also limits how many pets you can own, specific breeds and sizes, for example no chickens or livestock are allowed.
  • Design changes:  The District set up the Guidelines, so that if you have questions changing the appearance or structure of your home or simple things like painting your house, making changes to any landscaping or adding a patio or deck, do require written approval from the District’s design review committee.



How to respond to District rule violation notices

  • Address it : Ignoring a violation notice won’t make it go away and can make the situation much worse, if not responded to. Once you’ve received a violation notice, take steps to understand and correct the violation, and either pay or appeal the fine if issued.
  • Don’t take it personally : Remember that the rules were created to keep the community safe and comfortable for residents, including you. You agreed to abide by the rules when you bought your home.
  • Communicate: While friendly phone or email communication can address minor infractions or warnings, written communication and documentation helps create clarity for everyone involved. When you’ve been accused of a rule’s violation, it’s best to address it in writing. If there are extenuating circumstances—like a family emergency that causes you to fall behind on lawn care—communicate that to your Covenant enforcement manager at [email protected] . You don’t know if an exception might be made until you ask.
  • Get involved: There is usually a correlation between the level of homeowner involvement and the success of a community. So, if you want to improve your community, volunteer for a board or committee position or attend meetings to see how you can contribute.

YMCA Programs

Click here to sign up (enter Taekwondo in the search)
Click here to sign up (enter dance in the search)
Click here to sign up for Lego Club!
Click here to sign up! (Enter Kids and Canvas in the search)
Click here to sign up for Kids Night Out! (enter Kids Night Out in the search)
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Click here to sign up for Pickleball! (weather permitting)
Click here to sign up to use the Urban Soccer Field! (weather permitting)
We are offering all sorts of swim lessons for kids of all ages!
Click on the link below to register! Sign up soon!
Click here to register for swim classes/lessons(enter aquatics in the search)

Southlands Events

The Southlands Shopping center continues to offer events and programs.

Summer Concerts, Farmers Market, Movie Nights and more.

Check on the link below for information

Visit our website for more details

Mark your calendars for:


Thursday, September 12 


Make plans to attend our first Wine Walk for 2024!

Great wine (and beer), entertainment and retailer Sidewalk Sales – all under the wide open skies on Southlands Main Street!

Tickets  are now on sale! Get yours before they sell out!


Click here to purchase tickets.