September 2021 Newsletter

September Newsletter
Community Events

LAST Summer Food Truck Night of this year!
Food, Friends, Fun, Music,
and Games.
Wednesday, September 8th

From 5-7pm at the Wheatlands Clubhouse

The Food trucks this month will be:

We Chef Kitchen
Dos Gringos Mexican Fusion
Cresent City Connection
Repiccis Italian Ice
Wheatlands Fall Neighborhood Garage Sale

Friday, September 10th
Saturday, September 11th
8:00am – 4:00pm

Click the link below to sign up.
We are going to put together a list of homes participating,
so that no one gets missed or forgotten.
Wheatlands Meeting with Mayor Pro Tem Francoise Bergan & Neighborhood Watch

Wednesday September 15th 6-7pm at our Wheatlands Clubhouse! 

Meet Mayor Pro Tem Francoise Bergan our Ward 6 Council Member and enjoy a brief presentation from Jennifer Dubrow with the City of Aurora’s Neighborhood Watch Program.
Neighborhood Chili
Cook-off Contest

Saturday, September 18th

Click the link below for more details….

Wheatlands Clubhouse
Save the dates

Saturday, October 23rd from 2pm-4pm

This event will include:

A PUMPKIN PATCH (one pumpkin per chilld, while supplies last) 

FREE HOT DRINKS from Funky Brewster
(SPONSORED BY JEN CRONK with 1320 Homes)

Madly Sugared will be selling sandwich cookies, whoopie pies and
cupcakes in fall festive flavors
(pumpkin-butterscotch whoopie pies, oatmeal cream sandwiches, etc).
Everything will be $3/each, individually-package.  
Cash and card will be accepted. 

to go with the pumpkin you find in the patch.

Hope you can join the fun!

Wheatlands Metro District and the YMCA present….

Saturday, November 13th starting at 7pm
(21 and over)

Tickets are $10 per person
and will go on sale the beginning of October!
So be on the lookout for next month’s newsletter to purchase tickets

Opener Geoff Tice followed by Headliner Bryan Kellen

Bring your ID… everyone will be carded!
Some snacks and appetizers will be provided, but BYOB!

Wheatlands Clubhouse

Limited seats available Only 140 tickets to be sold.

Community Event Recap
The “Last nights of summer” Movie Night was a great way to spend some time with the family and end a fun summer. What better way to enjoy a Saturday night then with Dion’s pizza, a cold sweat treat, some popcorn and a movie under the stars?
Thank you too all that came out to participate for this fun event. And thank you to the Wheatlands Metro District Board for approving movie night and to the YMCA staff for helping serve pizza, the cold sweat treat, drinks and popcorn and setting up and breaking down the movie equipment.
Second to last Food Truck Night for this year! We had beautiful sunny blue skies and a nice breeze for the event. The kids had a blast bouncing in the bounce house, playing yard games and watching the magician do his tricks! Thank you to Ricardo the Magician for coming out to entertain the kids. Thank you to all that came out to participate.
Community Information
Back to school Pool Hours:

August 9th to September 5th: 

The pool transitions to school hours as follows:
Monday – Friday Swim at Your Own Risk* from 12noon until 4pm
Monday – Friday Lifeguards on Duty from 4-8pm
Saturdays & Sundays Lifeguards on Duty 10am-8pm

Labor Day Lifeguards on Duty 10am-8pm

September 7 – September 26, 2021 (WEATHER PERMITTING)

Monday – Friday Swim At Your Own Risk* from 12noon to 4pm
Monday- Friday Lifeguards on duty from 4-8pm

Saturdays and Sundays Lifeguards on Duty from 11-5pm.

Be safe and be sure to continue to follow all the pool rules!

*During swim at your own risk, we will have a YMCA staff member at the gate but we will not have any lifeguards in the stands during this time. All children under the age of 18, need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians to participate in the Swim at Your Own Risk hours.  

As we transition into cooler September weather, please note the pool may close due to cooler temperatures. Our weather policy states: The feels like temperature outside must be 60 degrees or higher for our pool to open. If lightning or inclement weather is spotted the pool will close for safety and reopen when the weather has passed. To view the entire Pool Weather Policy available on our website please click here.
District Landscaping Information

Our landscape committee is looking at enhancing our district owned property along Powhatan road. You may begin to see Cox working in these areas in September and into the fall months.
Clubhouse and Park Online Rental Form

We have updated the clubhouse rental form and the park rental form to be online. You will still need to call the YMCA to confirm your date/time is available to rent however, after you have confirmed you can simply fill out the clubhouse rental form or park rental online form instead of printing and bringing it to the Southlands office.  We hope this makes it easier for our residents to rent and use our beautiful clubhouse and brand new park! 
Park Phase II Update

We are still in the public works planning review process with the City of Aurora. We will continue to share the progress with the community and hope to go out to bid soon.
Snow Removal

We know it’s not snowing yet but the board is planning ahead for this winter.  We have been partnering with the City of Aurora to see what we could do in the event of another major snow storm event like we had last year.  We have proposed a contract with the City of Aurora that would allow the Wheatlands Metro District to hire a contractor to plow the roads in Wheatlands in the event of a significant snow storm. The Metro District does not own the roads in Wheatlands so with a contract in place we could reach out to the City after a major snowstorm event and get their permission to clear the roads. We do want residents to know that we would not be able to clear the roads every time it snows, that is still the responsibility of the City of Aurora as snow removal does come with a cost to the district. More to come on this proposal as we continue to partner with the City to get a snow removal contract in place.
Some of our neighborhood concerns can be addressed by the city of Aurora. “Access Aurora” is a convenient way to contact the city about any non-emergency questions or comments. You can submit a question or a violation, and it will be directed to the proper department such as parking, weeds, traffic, animals, etc. It is all anonymous and many residents have been surprised by the promptness of the response.

Fence Staining
399 fences have been stained this summer!! Thank you all for your quick response and all you do to keep this community looking wonderful!

Here are five tips to prepare your home’s exterior for the fall and keep your property in tip-top shape.
  1. Get Rid of Dead Foliage.
  2. Clean the Exterior of Your House.
  3. Keep mowing the lawn through October, just slow down the frequency the closer to dormancy it gets.
  4. Freshen up the Mulch around your Trees and Plants.
  5. Fall is a great time to Plant New Shrubs and Trees.
Trailers, RVs, Campers and Boats

Please remember that Inoperable Vehicles, Trailer, RV, Campers, Boats need to be stored per the Guideline below.

3.47 Motor Vehicles/Recreational Vehicles All types of “Recreational Vehicles,” including but not limited to trucks, trailers, mobile homes, detached camper units, utility and boat trailers, snowmobiles, race cars, watercraft or house trailers, are prohibited from parking anywhere within the District unless they fit entirely within an enclosed garage, except for the “temporary expedient of unloading, delivery or emergency.” Three overnights (i.e., 72 hours) during a seven (7) day period for loading and unloading is allowed. Parking of a recreational vehicle for a period of time in excess of 72 hours in a 7-day period is prohibited, except as may be approved in writing by the Committee. Periodic movement of the vehicle for purposes of circumventing this standard shall not qualify the vehicle for exception from this standard. Any “Recreational Vehicle,” including but not limited to trucks, trailers, mobile homes, detached camper units, utility and boat trailers, snowmobiles, race cars, watercraft or house trailers shall not be parked, kept, stored or maintained on or adjacent to any open space area within the District, except while temporarily engaged in loading or unloading of trucks or RVs not to exceed more than one (1) consecutive day. Vehicles in violation hereof shall be subject to ticketing and/or towing at owner’s expense, as provided herein or by applicable law. The purpose of the 72 hours is to load and unload, not to provide storage/parking for the unit. Recreational Vehicles must be stored/parked in the garage, off site, or as otherwise approved in writing by the Committee. Vehicles shall not be parked on landscaped (i.e., rock, sod, mulch, plants, etc.) areas. Inoperable vehicles (“legally” and/or “mechanically”) are not permitted to remain within the District so as to be visible.”
Design Review

If you would like to sign up for email correspondence for any Covenant related notices or Design review updates, please email
Make sure your email includes the following
•            Your name(s)
•            Home address and mailing address if different
•            Main email address you would like to receive all communication
•            Any additional information you would like added to your account

-Please make sure to store Trash containers out of sight.
-Please do not put Trash containers out before 5pm the night before trash pick up and return within 24 hours after pickup.
-Please make sure any items are stored out of sight.

-Pease remember to submit signed Notice of Completion, as well as color pictures of completed projects, once your approved project has been completed.
-If you have Home improvements that you are planning to do in the Spring, now is the perfect time to start the approval process. That way when the warm weather hits you can go ahead and start those pre-approved projects in your yard and home.
Next Board Meeting

Thursday, September 9th at 6:00 pm
this meeting will be a held in person at the Wheatlands Clubhouse located at

We welcome all community members to attend and participate in our board meetings.
Get involved and volunteer for a committee and share your talents!
You can attend from the comfort of your homes by joining the zoom meeting

Telephone #: 720-707-2699
Meeting ID: 927 9420 2546
Passcode: 780914

YMCA Programs and Southlands Events
Kids Night Out at the Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands! (NEW LOCATION!)

Dinner at KNO is back!

When: Friday
5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Where: Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands
6100 S Kewaunee Way
Aurora, CO 80016

What: Kids Night Out
Drop the kids off for 3 hours of fun. Dinner, games, crafts, and a movie. Our staff will start the evening with dinner and then lead the kids through a craft and some fun games and activities, followed by a movie. 

Ages: Potty-trained to 12 years old.

Please register by the previous Wednesday.

Cost: $15/child
Limited to 15 kids.

In order for us to have Kids Night Out will need at least 6 children to sign up. 

Youth Dance at the Wheatlands YMCA

Programs offered:

Creative Movement: 3-4 yr olds

In this fun and exciting class dancers will march, gallop and roll… jump, and twirl, while using our minds to go on exciting adventures. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through class dances, and props.

Click on the link below to register…

Beginner Hip Hop 7-10

This hip hop class is a fast-paced and energetic dance style using the latest dance moves set to hip hop music. Hip hop encompasses a wide range of styles. This class for beginners specifically focuses on developing rhythm , timing and coordination while encouraging individual style.

Click on the link below to register…

Ballet/Tap ages 5-6

This ballet / Tap combo class focuses on the basics of ballet and tap, using vocabulary and movement. This class focuses on basic ballet positions and movements , as well as Tap basics. Ballet training promotes coordination, balance, correct body alignment and grace. Tap dancing develops a keen sense of rhythm, timing and musical awareness.

Click on the link below to register…

Beginner Jazz – ages 9-11

This Jazz dance class introduces a stylistic dance vocabulary for a fun, expressive way of dancing. Basic jazz dance technique will be introduced in this class. This dance style is known for it’s upbeat music and choreography style.
Click on the link below to register…

Tap/Jazz – ages 4-5

In this class the dancers will learn basic tap dance which is a way to get a sense of rhythm and timing. We introduce and teach basic ballet positions and movements. A portion of this class also allows the dancers to be able to freely experience their own moving body and find joy in dancing.

Click on the link below to register…
Southlands Wine Walk
Thursday, September 16th from 5-8pm

Tickets are $15 in advance and $25 at the door.

Click below to purchase tickets and get more information

Proceeds go to the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver
The Southlands Shopping center continues to offer events and programs virtually and in-person

Summer Concerts and Movie Nights are back.
Please sure to check it out.

Check it out HERE
Important Neighborhood Watch Info

The Wheatlands community participates in the Neighborhood Watch program, however we no longer have an Area Coordinator. We did at one time, but unfortunately the contact has relocated out of Colorado.
So, we are in need a of Neighborhood Watch Area Coordinator. Please see the description and information below…

Description for Area Coordinator – Neighborhood Watch (Volunteer)
Neighborhood Watch is a crime-based prevention program that stresses education and situational awareness. Everyone who lives in a participating community is part of Neighborhood Watch, homeowners and renters. A community’s success with this program is only as good as the participation. This is a volunteer program who relies on volunteers in the community.

Some of the Area Coordinators responsibilities are but not limited to:
1. Meeting attendance (4 meetings per year)
2. Communicating meeting and event information with Next Door, community Facebook Pages, and HOA/Metro District where applicable
3. Assisting community on how to report crime, sharing crime tips

Please remember this is a volunteer program, not a guarantee that crime will not occur. We are not a citizen vigilante group.
Neighborhood Watch helps reduce the risk of being a victim through education and prepares citizens to respond accordingly to suspicious activity.
If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator in your community or have additional questions please contact me at

Jennifer Dubrow
Neighborhood Watch