Tree Update

Wheatlands information regarding dead trees:

Many trees in our Wheatlands neighborhood are struggling. They experienced an early freeze last fall, and then a late frost this spring. After doing an initial inspection, it was decided by the board to hold off on continuing with the inspection of trees until after July 1. 

If the trees are not showing life by then, the homeowner would have until September 30 to replace. Please note that the Wheatlands Metro District trees will also be evaluated at this time and replaced if deemed necessary.

If a household receives a violation regarding dead trees, please feel free to reach out to AMI at with any questions. Keeping the lines of communication open with them is important.  

We have put together several helpful resources in case there are questions concerning these trees.

This is a link to the Residential Improvement Guidelines found on Please refer to Schedule 5 (p. 54) for the requirements (Deciduous trees – 2.5” caliper, 6’ height minimum and Ornamental trees – 2″ caliper, 6’ height minimum) and then Schedule 6 (p. 60) for the plant palette.

The following is a list of local certified arborists (please note some of these vendors may be extremely booked and may not be able to perform services any time soon, but a good place to start.)

The CSU extension office website can be very helpful. Specific topics are noted below:

Everything trees from planting, care, insects, diseases and plant selection-  

We appreciate you doing your part to keep Wheatlands a wonderful place to live.