Update from Waste Management

Dear Wheatlands Residents,

After several residents have reported that their trash has not been picked up recently. We looked into the issue and Waste Management noted they recently completed an audit of our neighborhood trash collection service and noted that they had been picking up trash that was outside of their contract.   The board has not changed our contract with them for several years and we wanted to pass on the below message from Waste Management:  

“What tends to happen is people put out extra trash bags or extra trash carts/bins, in addition to contracted amounts and the driver, thinking he is helping or doing someone a favor, picks up the excess trash. Then something happens, like a new driver is assigned, or someone from Operations does a ride along or inspection and explains the correct service level. Then of course residents feel like we have reduced the service or something along those lines.”

Per the existing agreement, the scope of service included is as follows:  
* Scope of Service; (1) 96 Gallon Trash & (1) 96 Gallon Recycle cart included per household. All items inside carts.
* Additional Carts Available; $ 5.15 each per month, billed direct to the resident on quarterly basis and can be started and stopped at any time.  

We know our neighborhood was used to the level of service we were getting and the Wheatlands Metro District Board did inquire if we could increase our contract and add 5 additional bags to our service. Waste Management said they haven’t allowed that for 5-6 years now, everything must be placed inside a waste management cart, it must be a WM cart because they work with their lift arms on trucks. Lawn clippings, yard waste, and all trash need to be in a cart.

We appreciate your understanding, with Covid, Waste Management has been tightened up, and levels adhered too, as they don’t want drivers out of their trucks or dealing with loose trash anymore then they need to be.

Please Contact Waste Management Customer Service (303) 797-1600; if you need to get setup with delivery of initial WM carts.

Please note that this coming up Monday September 7 is Labor Day, which is an observed holiday and trash pick up will be delayed by one day.