Additional Pool Reservations

Additional Pool Reservations

We look forward to the pool opening tomorrow!  We appreciate your support and understanding as we have to limit capacity on the pool this summer due to COVID-19.   

After letting residents sign up for a few days on the sign up genius located here, we have determined that we have more slots available and we are opening up 2 more slots for families to reserve this summer.  

In addition, for time slots that remain vacant we will allow walk ups on a first come first served basis.  For example, if 8 out of 10 slots are reserved – those 8 families are guaranteed a place at the pool and we would allow the first 2 walk up families on a first come first served basis to fill the remaining spots.  If you reserved a spot and are unable to make your reservation, please go into the sign up genius and delete/cancel your reservation to allow for additional walk-ups.   

We still have time available in the mornings for lap swimming. To reserve a lap swimming time click here.  We can accept walk ups for lap swimming too if it isn’t fully reserved.

Don’t forget, before you go to the pool to fill out the COVID-19 waiver online and to bring your activated Pool Fob. To make the entry to the pool process quicker please have your sign up and waiver confirmation ready to show the lifeguards. Bring your own chairs and food as furniture will not be available and the snack shack is closed.  

We appreciate our neighborhood looking out for each other.  We are doing our best to allow everyone a time to sign up for a reservation at the pool this summer. Please note these reservations are per household and our pool manager will be cross checking the sign up to ensure households are only signing up for their allotted spots. We want to leave spots open still for new residents or residents who haven’t had a chance to sign up yet.  

Thank you for showing kindness as we all adjust to the new pool requirements.  We hope everyone will enjoy a safe and fun summer at the pool!