Community Park: May Construction Update

The community park is moving along! Below are a few key deliveries that have been achieved and are happening this month:

  • Climbing Wall
    • The rebar inspection for the large playground wall passed last Friday.
  • Restroom
    • Restroom permit was acquired.
      GoodLand over-excavated the site and has been working on the restroom foundation.
    • The restroom was built offsite and is scheduled to be delivered and installed next week on Wednesday, May 22nd.
    • The restroom will have running water and a flush toilet.
  • Playground Signs
    • Architerra is working with Artcraft on the fabrication of the signs.
    • The signs will tie into the theme and will also include park rules and a community board.
  • Sculptures
    • The sculptures for the park were scheduled to be here in June however the company providing them is now quoting closer to August.
    • There is a 4-6 week lead time on the customized sculptures.
  • Site Furnishings
    • All site furnishings have been ordered and will be stored at Goodland’s site until ready to be installed.
  • Shelter
    • We have received the engineering drawings for the shelter.
  • Playground Equipment
    • The equipment has been ordered and is shipping in May.
    • The large spinner (pictured below) has been ordered and shipped.

Shown above is a picture of the large spinner that was ordered for the playground.

Thank you to our community for your support of this project!