Important Announcement about Wheatlands Monthly dues

Dear Residents,

As inflation and costs rise across the country, so have the costs to operate and maintain the district property. As the board reviewed our finances for 2024, we came to the tough conclusion that we will need to raise our monthly fee by $5 next year. The monthly fee will go from $65 a month to $70 a month. The increase will begin on January 1, 2024. The Wheatlands Board is composed of your fellow homeowners and we did not make this decision lightly understanding the impact it would have to our community members.  However, we have not raised the monthly fee in over 10 years, and we appreciate the community’s understanding as costs have significantly increased for the district. By raising the fee, the board will be able to maintain and operate our community clubhouse, parks, and recreation center to the high standards that residents expect and deserve. 

AMCOBI does our current monthly billing, and we are not changing them as our billing company. For those enrolled in auto payment directly with AMCOBI, no change is needed on your end. They will change your monthly draft for you beginning January 1, 2024. For those that have opted to have their bank send an ACH directly to AMCOBI instead of having them draft the payment, you will need to contact your bank to have the monthly draft updated to $70 a month. Please reach out to AMCOBI if you have any questions or concerns regarding your payments. Their contact information is as follows:

PO Box 57280
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
877-410-0167 x 2
[email protected]