October 2021 Newsletter

October Newsletter
Community Events
Does your house stand out as the spookiest one in the neighborhood, or the most inviting for the little ghost and goblins who will be trick-or-treating? 

Join us for the
Wicked Wheatlands
Halloween Decorating Contest. 
When: October 1st – 31st 
Where: Wicked Wheatlands Neighborhood
The Details: 
Sign up on the link below by OCTOBER 15th to have your house entered in the contest and on the map. 

Entries will be shared on a community map so you can take a night time drive and view all the decorations. The décor will be judged in the evening (after dark) between October 22nd and October 24th by our panel of ghostly judges. The winners will be announced on October 29th

1st place winner will receive a $150 gift card.
2nd place winners will receive a $100 gift card and
3rd place winners will receive a $75 gift card
If you have any questions please email me at irodau@denverymca.org
We can’t wait to see your Spooky Halloween Spirit! 

Happy Halloween 

Saturday, October 23rd from 2pm-4pm

@ Wheatlands Park
6171 S Wheatlands Parkway

This event will include:

A PUMPKIN PATCH (while supplies last) 

FREE HOT DRINKS from Funky Brewster
(SPONSORED BY JEN CRONK with 1320 Homes)

to go with the pumpkin you find in the patch.

Madly Sugared will be selling sandwich cookies, whoopie pies and
cupcakes in fall festive flavors
(pumpkin-butterscotch whoopie pies, oatmeal cream sandwiches, etc).
Everything will be $3/each, individually-package.  
Cash and card will be accepted. 

Feel free to wear your Halloween Costume if you like.

Hope you can join the fun and please sign up below,
so we know approximately how many pumpkins to order.
Save the dates
Wheatlands Metro District and the YMCA present….

Saturday, November 13th starting at 7pm
Door open at 6:30 pm
(21 and over)

Opener Geoff Tice followed by Headliner Bryan Kellen

Bring your ID… everyone will be carded!
Some snacks and appetizers will be provided, but BYOB!
Wheatlands Clubhouse
6601 S Wheatlands Parkway
Aurora, CO 80016

Tickets are $10 per person.
Limited tickets available! Only 140 tickets will be sold, so act fast!
After purchasing your tickets, stop by the Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands Front desk, show them your confirmation email and pick up your tickets!
Community Event Recap
Last Food Truck Night
The weather for the last food truck night of the season was perfect! It was sunny, warm and calm. Thank you to everyone that came out for our final food truck night of 2021! The food was delicious as always. Adults enjoyed sitting at the tables and chairs, eating their delicious meals and having conversations with friends, while watching their children play and enjoy the evening.
Community Information
Wheatlands Board 

We want to thank Robert Romero for his 4 years of service on the Wheatlands board! His time and service allowed our board to achieve so many projects during his tenure. We completed the community park phase 1 and built the new recreation center. He also helped with the new speakers at the pool and many landscaping projects during his time on the board. Thank you Robert for your time and commitment over the years. We wish you luck in your future endeavors!

The board would like to welcome our newest board member, Jody Detmer, to the Wheatlands Board. Jody was appointed at our last meeting and we are thankful he is willing to serve our community. Jody has been living in Colorado for 14 years and in Wheatlands for 6 years now. He looks forward to helping the community improve and meeting fellow residents. Welcome Jody!
District Landscaping Information

We hired a new dedicated arborist company for our neighborhood. They spent the last few months gathering extremely detailed information about each tree in the district. They provided their findings at the last board meeting. The board has decided to move forward replacing the dead trees on their list and using their expertise to plant new trees that will thrive in our south east aurora soil. We look forward to our new partnership and hopefully replacing fewer trees in the future.
Park Phase II Update

We had a meeting with the City of Aurora for Phase II of our Park in September. During the meeting we received comments back regarding our park plan so we have to resubmit it. Our architect is revising the plans to fit with the City of Aurora’s feedback and then we will resubmit to the City in October. We are hopeful we will have the final planning comments in from the City and will be able to go out to bid towards the end of October.  We appreciate our community’s patience with phase II as the City of Aurora has been delayed in their reviewing process this summer. We can’t wait to start construction and enjoy the new basketball court and yard game area next year.
Park Maintenance

Cox landscaping is at our park frequently keeping the park bathroom and park looking nice. We recently power washed the park pavilion and we continue to have trash serviced on Monday and Fridays. We are noticing a lot of litter at the park and appreciate our residents helping in keeping our park clean. Please throw all trash in the trash receptacles and ensure your kids are throwing their trash away correctly as well. We also have noticed dog waste bags up and down Wheatland Pkwy. Please do not discard the bags on the trails, instead please carry them to the nearest trash receptacle to discard. We want our community to continue to look nice and could use your help. Thank you!

Snow Removal

The Snow Removal contract with the City of Aurora is an ongoing process. It was submitted to their policy review board and is on their September 29th agenda. If approved at that meeting, it will move on to the Aurora TAPS committee which stands for Transportation, Airports, and Public Works Committee. If approved by the TAPS committee it will move forward to study session with the City of Aurora. If approved at Study Session it will be moved to the City Council meeting to be approved and finalized. So we have some meetings before our contract gets approved and will continue to keep the community informed as it progresses.  To remind residents the proposal is as follows: We have proposed a contract with the City of Aurora that would allow the Wheatlands Metro District to plow the roads in Wheatlands in the event of a significant snow storm.  The Metro District does not own the roads in Wheatlands so with a contract in place we could reach out to the City after a major snowstorm event and get their permission to clear the roads. We do want residents to know we would not be able to clear the roads after every snow storm, this is still the responsibility of the City as snow removal comes at a cost to the district.  

Girls Bathroom Remodel

Our interior designer is starting the remodel on the girls bathroom at the outdoor pool.  We will be replacing the outdated foam looking walls with new tile. We will be remaking the space with a new design and fresh clean look. We are eager to get this project started before winter and to have it ready to use next summer.  
Fence Staining
399 fences have been stained this summer!! Thank you all for your quick response and all you do to keep this community looking wonderful!

Here are five tips to prepare your home’s exterior for the fall and keep your property in tip-top shape.
  1. Get Rid of Dead Foliage.
  2. Clean the Exterior of Your House.
  3. Keep mowing the lawn through October, just slow down the frequency the closer to dormancy it gets.
  4. Freshen up the Mulch around your Trees and Plants.
  5. Fall is a great time to Plant New Shrubs and Trees.
Holiday Lighting and Decorations

The holidays are right around the corner! Learn more about decorations and holiday lighting regulations by clicking on the link below.
Next Board Meeting

Thursday, October 14th at 6:00 pm
this meeting will be a held in person at the Wheatlands Clubhouse located at
6601 S Wheatlands Parkway

We welcome all community members to attend and participate in our board meetings.
Get involved and volunteer for a committee and share your talents!
You can attend from the comfort of your homes by joining the zoom meeting

Telephone #: 720-707-2699
Meeting ID: 927 9420 2546
Passcode: 780914

YMCA Programs and Southlands Events
Kids Night Out at the Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands! (NEW LOCATION!)

Dinner at KNO is back!

When: Friday
October 15th & October 29th
5:30 pm-8:30 pm

Where: Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands
6100 S Kewaunee Way
Aurora, CO 80016

What: Kids Night Out
Drop the kids off for 3 hours of fun. Dinner, games, crafts, and a movie. Our staff will start the evening with dinner and then lead the kids through a craft and some fun games and activities, followed by a movie. 

Ages: Potty-trained to 12 years old.

Please register by the previous Wednesday.

Cost: $15/child
Limited to 15 kids.

In order for us to have Kids Night Out will need at least 6 children to sign up. 

Want your kids to have some fun at Day Camp while on Fall Break?

Join us for Fall Break Kids Camp, offered Monday-Thursday the week of October 18th, from 9:00am-3:00pm for a day of fun at the Aurora YMCA at Wheatlands located at 6100 S Kewaunee Way.

Ages: Potty trained to 12 years old.
$30 per child per day for members and $45 for non-members.
Please register by the previous Wednesday.

Our staff will lead the kids through crafts, some fun games and activities, followed by a movie and snack.
Please have your kiddo(s) eat breakfast before you drop them off and please pack a bagged lunch.
Trick-or-Treat Trail & Pumpkin Patch
Saturday, October 23 | 10am–12pm

The Southlands Shopping center continues to offer events and programs virtually and in-person

Please sure to check it out.

Check it out HERE
YMCA Blood Drive at Southlands Mall

The YMCA will be continuing to host their monthly blood drive, the 3rd Thursday of every month (Oct 21st) from 2-6pm at the YMCA Southlands teen center classroom.

Located at:
6295 S Main Street Unit 104
Aurora, Colorado 80016
(next to Message Envy)


So far this year just at the Southlands location alone,
we have had 114 Donors and have saved 334 Lives!
That’s amazing!! Keep up the good work!
Important Neighborhood Watch Info

Thank you to the residents who attended our Neighborhood Watch meeting last month. The meeting was very informative and provided several tips on how to keep our neighborhood safe.

You can read the highlights from the meeting on our website and by clicking here.

This is in response to your safety concerns and pedestrian crossing request at the intersection of Powhaton Rd and Wheatlands Pkwy/Langdale Ct.
Powhaton Road is classified as a minor arterial roadway with a 4-lane section, posted speed limit of 40 mph, and on-street bicycle lanes in this area. South of Powhaton Rd, Wheatlands Parkway is a collector roadway with a 2-lane section, posted speed limit of 35 mph, and on-street bicycle lanes. North of Powhaton Rd, Langdale Ct is a local roadway with a posted speed limit of 25 mph and on-street parking. The intersection of Powhaton Rd & Wheatlands Pkwy/Langdale Ct has 4-legs with stop control on Wheatlands Pkwy only. There are currently curb ramps present on all four corners of the intersection but there are no striped crosswalks.
With respect to the request to provide an enhanced pedestrian crossing Powhaton Rd at this location, staff reviewed this intersection to see if it is eligible for additional enhancement. To mark an uncontrolled (unprotected) crosswalk, staff considers certain criteria including such items as: the average daily traffic on the roadway, the posted speed limit, the distance to the nearest crosswalk or other protected crossing point, pedestrian volume and concentration, crash data, and width of roadway to be crossed.
Staff previously collected traffic volume, pedestrian, and speed data the week of January 18, 2021 and the week of August 23, 2021 on Powhaton Rd and on Wheatlands Pkwy to evaluate this area for a pedestrian crossing. Data collected showed that the prevailing speed (the speed at which 85% of vehicles are traveling at or below) on Powhaton Rd was 46 mph in the westbound direction and 42 mph in the eastbound direction. Since the traveled speeds are above 40 mph and roadway width is more than 4-lanes wide with turn lanes and no median refuge, it was determined that this location is not eligible for an unprotected crossing.
Traffic volume and crash data was also reviewed to determine if this location meets criteria for a traffic signal or all way stop control, which would provide a protected pedestrian crossing at this location. The City uses criteria to determine where traffic signal control is warranted per the methods specified by the federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). A review of the volume data determined that warrants are not currently met for a signalized or stop controlled crossing. Staff also reviewed the last three years of crash data along Powhaton Rd and found that there was only one crash at this intersection in this timeframe. This crash involved a vehicle that ran the stop sign and was not pedestrian related.
Because of the reasons noted above, staff does not recommend enhancements to this crossing location or changes to the intersection control at this time. Additional enhancements may encourage more pedestrians to use this location but will not offer adequate protection from the high volumes and speeds of vehicular traffic.
It should also be noted that the developer of the YMCA property in the southwest corner of the intersection prepared a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) prior to their opening in 2019. The TIS studied projected opening day as well as future year 2040 traffic conditions at this intersection to determine what type of intersection control would be needed. The TIS determined that a traffic signal is not expected to be warranted at this location, even in the long-term scenario.
In addition, City staff checked the sight distance at Ider St and Powhaton Rd and verified that it does meet City criteria. Sight distance is adequate for southbound vehicles turning onto Powhaton Rd.

We do have a marked crossing planned for Wheatlands south of Powhaton at Kewaunee, but not at Powhaton.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,

Carlie Campuzano, PE, PTOE
preferred pronouns:  she/her/hers
Traffic Manager | City of Aurora
office 303.739.7309 | email ccampuza@auroragov.org