September 2019 Newsletter

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September 2019 Newsletter
Upcoming Events


 Wednesday, September 11th
@ the Clubhouse 

Friday, September 6th
6-10 pm at the Lakehouse
Movie: Mary Poppins
to register click here 

Thursday, September 19th
6 pm @ the Clubhouse

Park Update

The park is transforming! With the formation of the climbing wall and the sculptures being brought onsite you can begin to see the vision and how amazing this playground will be for our community.

* ID Sculpture is on-site and forming the climbing wall and insects.

o The climbing wall features an ant hill, tree roots, earthworm and leaf climber to challenge kids as they grow to climb up each different section.

o The insect sculptures will be placed inside the park with the spider web at the top level of the climbing wall.  The spider will attach to a spider web climber.
* The drainage system in the playground area has been installed.

* The forms are up for the boulder footings and they will be poured. 

* Goodland has completed rough grading the site.

* The shelter columns and seat walls were poured.

* The boulders are set in place and are ready for review.

* Goodland has begun pouring the playground curb.

* They are hoping to complete the flatwork at the top of the playground then begin work on the lower portions of the playground.

* Goodland has begun work on the sign at the corner of the park.

* Colorado Hardscapes will be available late August.

* All the play equipment has been manufactured and is being stored until ready for installation.

* The shelter is being built offsite and is nearing completion and should be ready to ship within a week or two.

* The playground curb along the northeast portion of the lower playground has been poured.

* All the lighting equipment has arrived.

* The water connection to the restroom has been completed.

 It is really starting to come together and we appreciate the communities support of this project.

Covenant Updates and Reminders from AMI
New Update to the Design Review Process

Are you planning on making some home improvements or updates to your landscaping? Or are you someone who needs to repaint or replace your roof? Then we have exciting news for you, The District will no longer be charging a fee for most Design Review Applications!! The 50.00 fee will only be charged for Home additions such as adding on an extra room, garage or sunroom and Full front and backyard landscape plans.

As some of us have experienced, if we wait too long it can be hard to find a painter,
landscaper or construction firm that isn’t already booked out for months. Now is the perfect time to plan the work you want to do on your home or yard and meet with contractors. Once your plans are finalized and you have a time frame for the work, submitting your application and supporting documents to the Design Review Committee is the next step.

Follow these few simple steps
1. Go to

2. Fill out the Design Application

3. Submit your application via email to or by mailing it to
Wheatlands Metro District
P.O. Box 370750
Denver, CO 80237

4. Remember to include with your application submittal:

1. Site Plan showing: lot dimensions; outline of home and garage with setbacks; names and positions of adjacent streets; dimensions of improvement (height, width, depth), with setbacks to all boundaries; and an indication of North.
2. Visual(s) of improvement such as; drawing, photo, brochure/ad, paint swatch (es), material samples, etc.
3. Building Plans, if the improvement is a new or modified building/structure.
4. A copy of your Plot Plan

Please feel free to email any Design Review questions to or by calling 303-351-5411

PLEASE NOTE: It is the Owners obligation to check with the Town/County/City and obtain a building permit if it is required for the improvement. Any damage resulting from owner installed improvements to common areas or Association maintained landscaping or structures is the responsibility of the Owner. Any cost associated with repairing damage, discoloration or water leaks resulting from owner installed improvements or penetrations to Association maintained structures, shall be the responsibility of the Owner.

 Pool and Clubhouse Information 
The Pool will close for the season on Labor Day
Labor day hours are 10am-8pm

Wheatlands Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm

Lakehouse Office Hours:
Monday-Saturday 9am-1pm
Monday-Thursday 4pm-8pm

Wheatlands Community Directory

Non-Emergency – Police
Irrigation 24 hour service

720-870-9297, 720-870-2221 (Operated by the YMCA)

Water & Sewer Service

Police Representative – Officer Cassell 303-627-3172
Public Works Department 303-739-7300

City of Aurora 303-326-8200

SNOW REMOVAL (District Property)
YMCA and Coxlandscaping
*Homeowners are responsible for sidewalks and driveways

Waste Management Company

YMCA Programs

In addition to family activities at Southshore, the YMCA runs programs that benefit the entire Aurora Community.

Y Sports
Spring sports registration is now open! For more info:
Billy Merryman – Sports Coordinator

Youth in Government
Join youth from throughout the state at our premier model government program. High school aged students will write and debate bills, argue state supreme court cases or take part in our press and lobbyist programs. The only group with access to the state Capitol building in this capacity.  Click here to find out more!

Reach & Rise Mentoring
What is Reach and Rise?
  • Reach and Rise is a free group mentoring program of the YMCA, established to provide young people in our community with positive and peer relationships.
  • 2 adult mentors are matched with a group of 6 youth
  • The group will meet once a week for 2 hours.
  • The program cycle runs for 8 weeks during the summer and 16 weeks during the fall and spring.
  • Mentors are meant to serve as role models, friends, and confidants. They’re another source of support for your child. They are not meant to take the role of a parent, babysitter, or financier.
For more information contact:
Tim Droke

Southlands Shopping Center Events


5:00PM – 8:00PM

Grab your friends for a memorable, fun-filled evening with various wine tasting stations on Main Street and at participating Southlands restaurants.

$15 in advance | $25 day of
10 – 1 oz samples of wine
Souvenir wine glass
Purchase advance tickets here.
Must be 21 years or older. Valid ID required upon arrival.

Wheatlands Metropolitan District

visit us online at

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, September 19th at 6:00 pm
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