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Good Afternoon Wheatlands Residents!  

We wanted to acknowledge that we have received conflicting information from Tri-County Health regarding the Arapahoe County Variance that took place on June 29th. We anticipated being able to move our pool to 50% capacity based on that variance however Tri-County informed us that it did not apply to outdoor pools. 

Now today, July 9, they have clarified that the variance does apply to outdoor pools. This allows our pool to move to 50% capacity, which allows for 75 residents at the pool.  

We are excited more families are able to enjoy the pool this summer and have learned a few lessons in June regarding the reservation system. We have found it is very hard to manage the reservation system as we still have residents reserving slots under multiple emails, reserving slots for 10 plus people and also reserving spots and not showing up. 

We have done our best to manage it and make the pool fair for everyone to use this summer. We appreciate all the residents who did respect the rules and the system we had to put in place.  

Because of all the difficulties with the reservation system, we are leaving the reservation system as it stands with 10 slots and will honor all those that reserved a spot.  However going forward instead of adding more slots, we are going to allow for more walk ups – up until the 75 person limit is reached.

We are thrilled more residents will be able to enjoy the pool and we feel this will allow us to maximize the number of residents who get to use the pool. 

By opening it up to walk ups, we will make it like years past where if you want to go to the pool, you can walk up and attend. To allow for social distancing, residents should sit in the grass area in addition to the reserved sidewalk squares. 

We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we work together to adhere to Tri-County Health’s regulations. To follow all the pool news, weather closure, availability – join the Wheatlands Community Pool Page on Facebook located here.

Also a reminder about lap swim, if you sign up for lap swim each person that is going to swim needs to sign up for a spot. You can’t sign up for one spot and bring more than one person. We have room for 12 people for lap swim, 2 per lane. People who only sign up for one spot and then bring multiple people puts us over our limit. Thank you.
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