December 2019 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter
Upcoming Events


Join Your Neighbors For This Fun
Winter Event!
Santa will be in town for pictures and story time. Bring your camera and capture your little ones on Santa’s lap. Enjoy a cup of cocoa or a holiday snack as you meet your neighbors. Horse drawn carriage rides will be provided; stay cozy and create memories as you get a carriage ride around the neighborhood.

Kids Night Out

Friday, December 6th
6-10 pm at the Lakehouse
Movie: Christmas Chronicles
to register click here 

Thursday, December 12th
6 pm @ the Clubhouse

Wheatlands Recreation Center Project
Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated the ground breaking on the YMCA Recreation Center at Wheatlands on November 20th. 

For more details about the ground breaking and the project please visit:

Notes from the Board

The Wheatlands Metropolitan Board held their annual budget hearing on November 14th, 2019.

At this meeting, the board voted to approve the 2020 annual budget. The board will be reducing the mil levy by 7 mils for next year.

This thoughtful decision will allow the board to lower the taxes in the community while still being able to meet our debt obligations.

This budget will also allow us to move forward with phase 2 of the park and complete several capital improvement projects regarding the clubhouse and pool.

Covenant Updates and Reminders from AMI

-Please make sure to store Trash containers out of sight.

-Please make sure any items are stored out of sight.

-Please Shovel your walks and driveways for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

Design Review Reminder

-Please remember to submit signed Notice of Completion, as well as color pictures of completed projects, once your approved project has been completed. 

-If you have Home improvements that you are planning to do in the Spring, now is the perfect time to start the approval process. That way when the warm weather hits you can go ahead and start those pre-approved projects in your yard and home. 

-Forms can be found here

 Pool and Clubhouse Information 
The board has been working hard with the YMCA to get some much needed work done at the pool and clubhouse. Below is an update on the improvements that are being made:

* Pool Heater replacement was approved at the last board meeting.

* Pool Filter addition was approved at the last board meeting.

*Additional metal trash cans for the pool were approved at the last board meeting.

* The new dumpster enclosure is complete. This improvement allows us to store 2 dumpsters inside the enclosure and replaces the broken, old enclosure.

* Permanent shade structures at the pool were approved at the October meeting and are being ordered. These canopy structures will be bolt mounted into the cement. They will fit along the south side of the pool deck. American Awning and Patio Company has a lifetime hail warranty on the shades. The shades are also removable to be taken down in the winter or as needed.

* A Fabric shade has also been approved that will be weaved along the top of the pergola to provide additional shade around the pool.

* Staining of the pool and clubhouse pergolas were approved at the October meeting and is being scheduled.

* The District has hired an interior designer to revamp our clubhouse and give the space a fresh look with new furniture and updated decor her plans have been approved. New floors and furniture along with a budget for the interior designer was approved in the last board meeting.

* The Parking lot needs to have row painting and crack filling completed. This will prevent further damage and a more costly fix later. This improvement was approved at the October meeting. We recognize several residents use the clubhouse to park during school pick up and drop off. We will partner and communicate with Pine Ridge to when the parking lot closure will occur. We will also send a communication when we have the date scheduled. Thanks for your patience with this fix.

Items that are in the process of getting approval for 2020 include:
* Pool sound system upgrade
* Clubhouse sound system upgrade
* Remodel of the pool bathrooms
* New tables and furniture at the pool.

Wheatlands Community Directory

Non-Emergency – Police
Irrigation 24 hour service

720-870-9297, 720-870-2221 (Operated by the YMCA)

Water & Sewer Service

Police Representative – Officer Cassell 303-627-3172
Public Works Department 303-739-7300

City of Aurora 303-326-8200

SNOW REMOVAL (District Property)
YMCA and Coxlandscaping
*Homeowners are responsible for sidewalks and driveways

Waste Management Company

YMCA Programs

In addition to family activities at Southshore, the YMCA runs programs that benefit the entire Aurora Community.

Youth in Government
Join youth from throughout the state at our premier model government program. High school aged students will write and debate bills, argue state supreme court cases or take part in our press and lobbyist programs. The only group with access to the state Capitol building in this capacity.  Click here to find out more!

Reach & Rise Mentoring
What is Reach and Rise?
  • Reach and Rise is a free group mentoring program of the YMCA, established to provide young people in our community with positive and peer relationships.
  • 2 adult mentors are matched with a group of 6 youth
  • The group will meet once a week for 2 hours.
  • The program cycle runs for 8 weeks during the summer and 16 weeks during the fall and spring.
  • Mentors are meant to serve as role models, friends, and confidants. They’re another source of support for your child. They are not meant to take the role of a parent, babysitter, or financier.

Wheatlands Metropolitan District

visit us online at

Next Board Meeting: Thursday, Decmeber 12th at 6:00 pm

Ground Breaking Ceremony

It was a chilly day, and we want to thank everyone who came out and braved the cold to be with us on this exciting and important milestone in the project.

We had several speakers at the ceremony, representing the YMCA and the Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority, share what the project means to them and the community. We want to thank Kimberly Armitage, Vice President of Strategic Growth and Membership for the YMCA of Metro Denver, Sue Glass, President and CEO of the Denver YMCA, Kathy Barela Board Member of the Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority and Craig Wagner, Advisory board member of the Aurora Family YMCA for speaking at the event.

Please join us in recognizing the following members of the YMCA Advisory Board….
Adrian Frank
Greg Shields
Jim Bickford
Krista Simonson
Michael Giles
Richard Turnquist
Robert Jamieson
Susan Davis
Stephen Brunston
Mary Beth Brunston

YMCA Staff Members…
Kimberly Armitage
Lori Walker

We’d also like to thank these key contributors to the project:
Country Commissioner Jeff Baker
Friend of the Y, Debbie Ford and Brian Curd

Representing the project funder, Mutual of Omaha, Rebecca Kuhle and Matt Hanson
Architect Keith Hayes and the Team at BRS Architecture
Our General Contractor, the Team at Adolfson & Peterson construction

Members of the Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority…
Kathy Barela
Polly Martin

Rotary members…
Rick Richard
Ken Hostetler

And investors…
Larry & Jeannie Pisciotta
Craig & Angel Wagner

We celebrate the vision, advocacy, and commitment of everyone that attended and has worked behind the scenes to make this project a reality. We thank everyone who helped bring us to where we are today.

To view floor plans and more information regarding the project visit:

Ground Breaking Celebration

Ground Breaking Celebration
We’re Breaking Ground
on Good Health and Strong Families

Please join us for the official groundbreaking of the 
Aurora Family YMCA at Wheatlands

November 20, 3 pm
6100 S Kewaunee Way
Aurora, CO 80016

Come learn about the project, enjoy refreshments, and celebrate this good news
for the Aurora community

We look forward to being your YMCA!

About the YMCA of Metro Denver:

The YMCA of Metro Denver is one of the city’s leading non-profits, uniting people, families and seniors in programs and services that improve health, nurture children and uplift communities.

With multiple wellness centers throughout Southwest Denver, Downtown, University Hills, Arvada and Littleton, along with program centers at schools, community HOAs and partner sites, the Denver YMCA is embedded in communities, bringing health and well-being to all and creating places where people thrive and reach their fullest potential.

We serve more than 68,000 members, volunteers and program participants every year across the metro area. The Denver Y is also part of a nationwide network of 2,700 YMCA organizations.

For more than 140 years, we have been committed to helping our community be a better place for all by meeting some of our greatest needs. The YMCA is instrumental in:
• Improving education readiness and school achievement
• Strengthening and stabilizing families
• Reducing senior isolation
• Helping people understand, prevent and treat health issues
• Contributing to the health of our entire community

With a commitment to welcoming all, the Denver YMCA awards more than $1 million in financial aid every year for YMCA membership, programs and services.