4/27/20 Your YMCA at Home News & Updates

Your YMCA at Home News & Updates
4/27/2020 |
Meditation in Motion 
We all know it’s important to move our bodies and take care of our mental health during this tough time. Take some time this weekend to do a little of both with the YMCA‘s “Recharge with Us From Home” playlist.
Tackle that Reading List!  
If you have a library card, you can access hundreds of ebooks and audiobooks from home for free through Overdrive. Don’t have a library card? All Colorado residents can register for an e-card from the Denver Public Library.
Get Crafty With Meg & Raeg
Got empty toilet paper rolls? Turn them into something beautiful with this fun family craft, guided by awesome staff from our Arvada Y!


As you can imagine, closing our centers and programs and providing emergency response is straining our resources. Your support will keep the Y strong and provide emergency support to vulnerable neighbors. Donate today and your gift will be doubled!

Making Birthdays Special While Social Distancing

Kids of all ages are struggling with the disappointment of cancelled events and trips, and birthdays are no exception. If your child has an upcoming birthday, get tips for celebrating in fun and unique ways while staying safe!

Cami is Back with Grocery Tips

Canned, dried, frozen and fresh – YMCA Nutritionist Cami Woomer breaks down a few categories to simplify your shelf-stable shopping. 
Join us through Zoom to connect with our instructors and other YMCA members during our live fitness classes. Enjoy live yoga, SilverSneakers, Total Body Conditioning, Essentrics and many more, all taught by our Denver Y fitness instructors. More classes added weekly.

4/20/20 Your YMCA at Home News & Updates

Your YMCA at Home News & Updates
4/20/2020 |
Take a Field Trip From Your Couch! 
Did you know you could visit Mars from your living room? Check out this collection of virtual field trips to see sights from around the world and beyond.
Ally’s Health at Home Video Series: Nutrition Edition 
She’s back! Tune in with Ally from the Southwest Y before your next trip to the grocery store!
Go on a Yoga Adventure with Cosmic Kids Yoga 
Children ages 3+ can practice mindfulness and relaxation all while seeing dragons, visiting magical castles, and riding a rollercoaster! Check out their positivity playlist and get moving with your little ones at home. 
In the coming weeks you will see activity at the pool. At this time we don’t know what pool opening will look like but are getting everything prepared to be able to respond to guidelines as they come out.

We are trying to be as creative as possible while following all the COVID 19 rules and guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.
Testimony from a Wheatlands Resident

YMCA staff, 
I wanted to take a moment to send a letter of true appreciation to all of you during this time! As you may notice by my signature line, I am a healthcare worker whose job has continued, and perhaps asked to work harder, during COVID 19. When schools were “postponed”, my family was unsure of what this would mean for my 6 year old who loved and adored her kindergarten class. As time went on, we learned that what we knew as kindergarten was no longer “what we knew” it to be.

In times of desperate measure, we were “matched” with the Wheatland’s YMCA in Aurora, CO. Starting my daughter here made us all nervous (new place, new kids, new teachers etc.) but we have had nothing but great experiences! The staff at the Wheatland’s Y have been FANTASTIC! They are some of the true essential staff during this time. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to do the job that I do to help out my team and the patients we serve. It uplifts my heart every day to come home and here my daughter’s answer to “How was your day baby?” and she says “It was really good mom! We got to make dragonflies”, or “I met a new best friend mom!” because everyone is a best friend at 6 . 
Please share my gratitude. Not only with the corporation or the local chapter but all the staff that are providing care during this time. Your days have made my daughter’s days brighter and thus, you have warmed my heart. I cannot thank you enough. 
Thank you,
Join us through Zoom to connect with our instructors and other YMCA members during our live fitness classes. Enjoy live yoga, SilverSneakers, Total Body Conditioning, Essentrics and many more, all taught by our Denver Y fitness instructors. More classes added weekly.

Child Care for Health Care Workers

Child Care for Health Care Workers

As COVID-19 requires additional demands of all the brave health care workers and emergency responders during this time, the Wheatlands Metropolitan Board has partnered with the YMCA to offer childcare for those serving on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic at the Wheatlands Clubhouse.  When we look back at this time, we will remember the love we felt and the ways we connected and helped each other as a community to get through this.   

The YMCA of Metro Denver is responding to the urgent needs in the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic by providing free, full day childcare for families of first responders and all essential workers.  This service is essential in the fight and provides a safe place for families struggling to find childcare while serving on the front lines. 

This temporary childcare service will begin on April 15, 2020 at the Wheatlands Clubhouse and runs from 6am-7pm.  During this time the YMCA staff will take extraordinary precautions:

  • Parents will drop off children outside the building
  • Daily temperature checks will be administered on each child
  • Activities will encourage social distancing
  • Kids will sanitize hands upon arrival and throughout the day
  • Staff will monitor children to look for symptoms of COVID-19
  • Staff will wear face masks
  • Staff will follow all CDC guidelines
  • The facility will be cleaned throughout the day.
  • The facility will also be cleaned daily by professional cleaners. 
  • At the end of the crisis, the Clubhouse will be completely disinfected.  (All cleaning services, fees or damage to the clubhouse will be paid for by the YMCA)

During this crisis, the Wheatlands Metropolitan District believes we should do our part in supporting first responders and medical professionals by providing a safe place for their children.  We thank you for your support of this decision and will provide more updates as needed. For more information regarding the program click here.   If you have any questions or comments please contact us at [email protected].  

Virtual Fitness Classes and Activities

During these tough times it is important to stay healthy and active.
The YMCA has put together a virtual fitness class schedule for our members to utilize. These classes are available and free for everyone.
To view the class schedule click here
For Instructions on how to use the ZOOM app click here.
The YMCA has also partnered up with Southlands and will be doing weekly cub club events for the kids. You can participate in these activities HERE.